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The One Type Of Exercise That All Women Over 35 Should Embrace

If you’re going through peri-menopause, or menopause, you may be wondering if you should exercise more, or less, or indeed what type of exercise you…

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Is Stress Making You Age Prematurely

Have you noticed that you have been grappling with stress more often than you’d like recently?   If so, it’s worth taking action to reduce…

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How To Banish Colds And Fast-Track Healing

One of the many benefits of Lumity which our clients notice is that they heal quickly after surgery, and rarely catch colds and flu as…

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The Clean Sleeping Trend That’s Sweeping The A-List

You may have heard of clean eating, but have you read anything about clean sleeping? –Β Backed by Gwyneth Paltrow in her new book, Goop Clean…

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