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Reducing your stress levels is no easy feat, especially when you’re consistently in a state of unease. But when you feel those familiar feelings of overwhelming anxiety and worry rising there are fast and effective, stress busting techniques you can use which take just 60-seconds.

That flight-fight system brought on by stress can leave you burned out and in serious need of a health overhaul, but you can’t just drop everything and disappear to a wellness retreat every time you feel stress taking over. So what can you do to quickly relieve stress? These 1-minute stress busters could be exactly what you need. 

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You’ve likely been told to “take a deep breath” to calm down at some point in your life, and it does actually work. The key is to take slow breaths and breathe from the abdomen. You’ll feel your muscles relax, your heart rate slow and your blood pressure will drop. Take a seat, shut your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your tummy inflate and your racing heart slowing down. 


You may think that getting your heart pumping is the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling stressed, but it can actually help you to calm down. 

A quick 60 second burst of star jumps, press ups or running up and down the stairs will get the endorphins pumping and make you feel better in a heart beat.

Close your eyes

Close your eyes and take yourself somewhere else, just for a minute. Visualise yourself in a happy place, whether that’s on a sun-soaked beach or curled up on the sofa with a loved one. Don’t just think of what it looks like, take in the smells and sounds too for a full body mini-break. 


There might not be anything funny about the situation you’re in and if you’re stressed to the max then a good giggle likely isn’t high up on your list of priorities. But laughter is an instant stress reliever. Get a quick laughter fix with a silly online video or joke or recall a time when you laughed really hard. It’ll lighten the mood and relinquish a little of your mental load. 

Listen to music

Some slow, classical tracks can have a seriously calming effect on the body. You can even have it paying in the background at your office. But upbeat, happy music which makes you want to dance can also reduce stress levels. So either ease your angst with a little Mozart or turn up your favourite tune to lighten the mood. 

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Pay someone a compliment

Take a minute to make someone else feel good and you’ll also reap the rewards. Pay someone a compliment and see them light up and you’’ll get a fuzzy, good feeling as well. 

Get outside

Fresh air can make everything instantly feel more manageable. If you’re lucky enough to be able to step out into nature then take a minute to look around you and appreciate your surroundings. Even if you’re in a built up city take a quick stroll around the block or walk over to a park. Enough daylight is imperative to overall good health.

Have a hug

This won’t really work in an office environment, but if it’s the pressures of home life getting your down then grab a hug from your loved ones. A cuddle with your kids can relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed as well as reestablishing what’s truly important in your life. 

Drink green tea

Rather than reaching for coffee which will give you a caffeine kick, but ultimately get your heart racing – which isn’t what you really need when you’re stressed – opt for a cup of green tea. While it does contain some caffeine it’s also loaded with compounds and antioxidants which lower stress hormones. 

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