10 ways to look younger – in an instant

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10 ways to look younger in an instant

The simplest make up and hair styling tricks can knock years off you, and the best ones are easy and fast to do at home. Here’s how to freshen up your look – with maximum results for minimal effort.

Freshen Up Your Roots

A sprinkling of silver around your hair line can make your complexion look dull, but it’s easy to hide. L’Oreal Paris do a great root cover up spray which comes in six different colours so there’s a shade which suits everyone. Simply hold four inches from your regrowth, spray, leave for a minute to dry and your roots will be gone until your next shampoo.  ColorMark’s instant touch up wand or Kazumi’s Root Vanish are also great buys – both are easy to use, with a good range of shades.

Consider A Change

Have you had black or peroxide blonde hair since your early twenties? As we age, it’s worth thinking about seeing an expert colourist to really decide whether you need to go for a warmer, less harsh hair tone. Very blonde or very black in particular are shades which can add years to you, as they don’t flatter your skin tone. Try a warmer toned wash in, wash out shade at home to see if you can cope with the idea of a permanent change.

Shake It Up

Having the same cut you had ten years ago is likely to add years to your overall look: Too straight, too severe, or too long often doesn’t flatter our faces as we age. If you pull your hair up into a tight ponytail or bun it can draw attention to every line on your face – instead try loose and wavy.

Using heated tongs to add curls only takes five minutes; hold at a right angle from your ears, curl upwards, pause and then release for a softer look if you usually have harsh, straight hair. Stylists say that a loose sweeping fringe which goes from one side to the other (rather than a centre parting) is a brilliant way to hide lines and it will make you look more youthful than a straight fringe. If you change the side you usually part your hair while styling, it gives your hair instant volume and lift.

Curl Your Lashes

A professional lash curler is like a push up bra for your eyes. It opens your eyes up and they’re surprisingly easy to master. If you’re worried that lash curlers look like a medieval torture device and you’re not sure how to use them, there’s an easy video tutorial here.

Plump Up Your Skin

A few drops of jojoba or rose-hip essential oil plumps up skin and temporarily hides fine lines. A facial steam with jasmine oil in the water helps add moisture to dry or mature skin. Use a quality hand cream regularly and if you’re starting to worry about lines on your neck, using a facial oil morning and night will help.

Scrub Your Way To A Glow

 With everyone fighting off colds at the moment, the chances are that your sinuses might be blocked, which can cause pillow face while you’re asleep at night. When you’re doing your morning facial routine, using a facial scrub on your cheeks, or using a facial oil to perform a massage, will get your blood circulating and give you a glow when you may be looking pale and washed out.

Whiten Your Teeth

 A lot of people find that teeth whitening strips are painful, instead try oil pulling with organic coconut oil each morning. Oil pulling can be profoundly meditative because you can’t do anything else while you’re swooshing the oil around your mouth (always spit into a bin so you don’t block your sink or pipes).

The 3,000-year-old Ayurvedic practice of swishing a tablespoon of oil around your mouth every morning for 20 minutes is said to whiten and cleanse your teeth and gums of bacteria. But did you know that you can also use turmeric to whiten teeth? There’s an in depth explanation and tutorial here, it’s less time consuming than oil pulling and, just one week of using turmeric and coconut oil as a toothpaste is said to lighten teeth noticeably.

Tone It Down

Too much make-up can make you look far older than you really are. But while too much make-up is ageing, so is wearing none. Try out our expert’s tips for a more natural look here.

You could also switch up kohl eyeliner for navy or dark grey – both are more flattering shades than black, more unexpected than brown and less crazy than coloured liners.

The blue hue in the navy will brighten the whites of your eyes. Use a white or foundation coloured liner for the inner rims of your eyes to open them up and help them sparkle. For eyeshadow, plump for neutral colors like bronze, copper and cocoa that aren’t overly matte and will add radiance. (At this time of year you can’t go wrong with a warm, shimmery gold).

Get Lippy

 A golden pink lip gloss plumpens lips, while lipstick can be harsh if the shade is too dark or severe. Clarins do a brilliant lip perfector which nourishes, adds shine and a sheer tint of colour. (Shade 01 ‘Rose Shimmer’ suits everyone and works for day and night).

Freshen Up Your Scent

It’s all very well having a signature scent, but there’s some lovely, light new perfumes around at the moment. Heavy perfumes can be overpowering and sometimes wearing a new perfume can really boost your mood, which in turn makes you look better. The citrus-based Chanel No. 5 L’Eau is a modern take on a classic. It’s surprisingly gorgeous and seems to work well on pretty much everyone.

Diptique’s L’Ombre dans L’Eau smells exactly like their cult ‘Baies’ room candle and is divine. Or you could try adding a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio before applying to skin for a lovely smelling homemade perfume. Fun fact: Research shows that people who smell of grapefruit are perceived as being younger!

Get Your Beauty Sleep 

You’ll banish dark circles, perk up sallow skin and improve your mood if you get a full eight hours every night. There’s solid research that scrimping on sleep ages you. Don’t forget to take your three bedtime Lumity capsules before you go to bed to help you have a restorative, deeper sleep.

And finally, smile. Happy people who are full of light, laughter and positivity not only feel younger, they look younger. If you’re walking around feeling stressed and angry about trivial day-to-day things, you’re knocking years off your life further down the line. 


What are your favourite ways to look younger? Let us know in the comments below. 

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