11 ways to beat self-isolating blues

-May 6, Jenny Paul , Mind -

Don’t let self-isolation get you down. Here’s how to beat the lockdown blues.

At times this global pandemic can feel like it might go on on forever, and as it drags on your mood can take a nose-dive too. But while a low mood can leave lots of us feeling lethargic, miserable and demotivated  there are things you can do to bid farewell to the blues and make these months more than just a waiting room for the freedom of lockdown ending.

Boost vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming increasingly more common, especially right after the winter months. Without exposure to natural sunlight your levels can dwindle and this can cause depression and anxiety in some people. 

There are not only an array of foods packed with vitamin D, such as salmon, fortified milk, mushrooms exposed to UV light and egg yolk too, but Lumity Morning and Night Supplements contain a healthy dose of vitamin D3 too.

Embrace hygge

Rather than begrudgingly going to bed early and complaining about isolating, why not embrace it, like any of the Scandinavians do in winter when they stay home for months. Danes – who are some of the happiest people on earth despite their bleak, long winters – practice Hygge which teaches you to love getting cozy. Rather than resist it they light candles, grab the blankets and make winter about enjoying being in the comfort of their home with friends and family.

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It’s not always easy to get motivated to work out when you know you have to run with a one-hour time limit. But mood boosting, physical activity is essential to release the feel good endorphins. 

Exercising outside is ideal, even if you have to wrap up for a brisk walk. But if you can’t get out of the house, do an at home workout because you won’t regret it. 

Make a plan

Having something to look forward to is an uplifting feeling and doing the research for a trip away, a dinner with friends or a day at the spa can add some oomph to your days too. 

Put some plans in the calendar and make sure you’ve always got some joy at the end of the tunnel. 

Play music

Crank up your favourite feel-good tunes and dance! It’s difficult to feel down in the dumps when there’s a song you love playing. It’s such a simple but effective technique to get you smiling – and even moving – you should try to utilise it every day. 

Pay someone a compliment

You don’t just feel great if someone compliments you, you get a rush when you make someone else feel goo too. Take the time to tell someone on Facebook or your conference call today that you like their hair or their outfit and put a smile on their face and yours too. 

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Daily joy

Each and every day do something that brings you joy. Whether it’s a morning coffee, watching your favourite TV show, a bubble bath or a delicious lunch, have a bright spot in your day to focus on if you’re feeling down. 

Help someone

Sometimes you need a little reminder that you’re not the only one who might be feeling down in these long months. Draw yourself out of your own slump by reaching out to someone who you think may need a boost. It could be by helping an elderly person with their shopping or by giving them some company in the shape of a phone call. Or a friend you know is struggling a ring. Give yourself some purpose and fill in some of those voids you may be feeling.


There’s always something that’ll make you laugh, even when you’re feeling thoroughly fed up. Play a podcast you know brings a smile to your face or discover a new joke which makes you roar with laughter. If you’ve got a friend who you know makes you laugh, call them and arrange to meet up. Laughter is the best medicine. 

Set yourself a challenge

It feels great to tick something off your to do list, so setting yourself a daily challenge and achieving it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Try a 10-minute a day yoga challenge for the month or do something good for someone else every day for 30-days. 

Give yourself some season goals and invite friends to join you too. 

Phone a friend

Social media can trick us into thinking we’ve communicated with our friends, but the reality is you may not have physically spoken to them in months – even if you have liked all of their photos. Pick up the phone and call someone for a chat. Social interaction is so important to your wellbeing and you might just find it gives the person on the end of the line a lift too.

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