12 best fitness trends to kickstart your year

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Last year’s fitness trends were all about HIIT, strength, hybrid spinning, meditation and even goat yoga! So what can we expect in 2020?

What better way to leap into a new year than to discover a fitness trend that’ll boost your mood, better your body and keep you coming back for more. So whether your age old workout regime has become stale or you’re eager to start exercising for the first time, we’ve got the best of what 2020 has to offer.

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It’s not just your body which benefits from exercise, your mind does too and in 2020 workout trends are well and truly taking this onboard. 

Mindfulness and mental wellbeing will be forefront in studios who will take their classes beyond traditional workouts and offer the likes of meditation, massage, breathing and even cryotherapy. 


Variety is the spice of life and that goes for exercise as well. Once you stop seeing results from your workout or it becomes monotonous you may walk away from workouts entirely. So 2020 is making it trendy to switch this up. Diversity is key and consumers will be encouraged to embrace this. 

Group workouts

For many companies 2020 will be about making the workplace a happier, healthier and more productive space and group exercise can help this. Following on from 2019’s healthier stance on alcohol consumption – with a growing number of people going sober – happy hours may be replaced with after work or lunchtime group workouts. 

Bespoke workout packages

What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another and since we are all different shapes and sizes, ages and genders it’s understandable that there really isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to fitness. For this reason bespoke packages are climbing the ranks and becoming more and more popular. 

Maude Hirst spoke to Lumity about her bespoke meditation and yoga practice ‘EnergyRise’ and said: “It’s about finding something that makes you feel your best and that you want to go back to time and time again. You should feel alive and filled with joy!”

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Shorter workouts

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – already helped us learn that you don’t have to exercise for hours at a time or pound the treadmill until you’re drenched with sweat to get a good workout. Well now there’s micro-HIIT.

These are mini workouts that can be practiced throughout the day, so whenever you have a few minutes try to fit one in. You’ll be surprised by how much more exercise you can squeeze into your day. 


While sleep might not necessarily be a workout in itself, we learning more and more that without regular, quality shut eye you are seriously damaging your health and wellbeing.

Because of this we can expect many fitness trends to address this. Some studios have dedicated rooms for post-workout relaxation and even sleep pods for you catch a few zzzz’s in your lunch break.

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Mix work with workouts

Lack of time one of the major reasons people skip out on their workouts. In today’s hectic world where you barely have time to eat, sleep, work, repeat, finding time to fit in exercise can seem impossible. To combat this many offices and work spaces will have everything you need under one roof and studios like ‘The Fore’ already have co-working spaces you can use after a workout.


It’s free, it’s fresh and it’s fabulous for your body. Walking is stepping into 2020 with a bang. Because this is the sort of exercise practically anyone can do and modify to their own needs. Walking clubs are set to soar to focus on the overall wellbeing of exercise which includes getting outside and meeting new people too. 

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Great music and great dance moves will easily lift your mood and give your body a fantastic workout too. Dance was big in 2019 and it’s set to be even bigger in 2020. Dance-focused classes improve your cardio, your coordination and work wonders for your mental wellbeing too. 


Physical Education may not have been your thing at school but companies like ‘Gymbox’ are bringing back many of the retro elements of your old P.E class and making fitness trend out of them. From monkey bars, to rope climbing and forward rolls, have a giggle and work up a sweat with a real workout that’ll take you back in time even if you are in 2020.


Boxing workouts are still packing a punch in 2020 but there’ll be an added boost of some new exciting technology too. Boxing boutiques are adding punch trackers so you can measure your progress in the speed and power of your jabs. Classes will suddenly become even more competitive when you can compare your hook to your boxing buddy.

Sustainable workout clothes

A number of designers and brands are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon and releasing upcycled or sustainable workout clothing. So you can better your body and do your bit for the planet at the same time. Patagonia and Summersault are just two companies offering eco-friendly clothing. 

If you love the idea of any of the above but are overwhelmed by the thought of embarking on ANY fitness regime then discover these expert tips to joining a gym when you’re too embarrassed and learn exactly how to squeeze a little more exercise into your day too.

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