14 Reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day is fabulous

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If you’re single then the run up to Valentine’s Day can be excruciating. But there’s no reason why February 14th has to be all doom and gloom when you’re not in a romantic relationship.

There’s a lot to be said for being single on the day of love! In fact we’ve come up with 14 very good reasons why!

1. You’ll Save Money

If your bank balance has only just recovered from Christmas then it’ll be a welcome relief to not have to splash more cash on dinner, cards and a pricey gift for your Valentines. (Not to mention that it’s impossible to get a decent restaurant reservation on V-day anyway).

2. There’s No Pressure

Coming up with a suitable romantic gesture for your other half is often more stressful than it is fun. There are enough pressures in life without getting worked up over where to go or what to buy for someone on this one particular day of the year. 

3. You Can Make it All About You

Why waste the love, when you can spend it on yourself? This is your chance to be selfish. Make the most of being by yourself and do something you want to do. Cook a healthy meal, make a dent in your tower of unread books or book yourself in for a spa treatment. 

4. You Won’t Be Disappointed

You can wake up with the knowledge that you won’t be disappointed by someone else’s choices. And you definitely won’t be wasting precious time arguing over household chores. How you chose to spend the day is a decision you can make entirely by yourself. 

5. You Don’t Have to Force It

It’s Valentine’s Day so you absolutely must make sure you are being romantic! But actually where is the fun or spontaneity in that? Whilst we are sure there are plenty of couples who genuinely feel the love on this day there are also many who feel they can’t live up to the hype. As a single person you can breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not having to sit in a restaurant forcing yourself to behave in a certain way, just because of the date. 

6. You Can Make a Galentine’s Date

You are most certainly not the only person spending Valentine’s as a single person, so why not join forces with one or more of your friends and make it a Galentine’s Day instead. No pressure, no romance, just a reason to have a get together and some laughter.

It’s become so popular for ladies to celebrate ladies that it’s actually got it’s own nonofficial holiday on February 13th. 

7. You’ll Have More Me-Time

We know how important making me-time is for our mind and body and when you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to wow your loved one you can concentrate on yourself instead. Relish in as many mindful moments as you can and your health will reap the rewards.

8. The Gym Will Be Quiet

The gym doesn’t close just because it’s V-Day, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy a workout. You won’t have to wait for a treadmill and you’ll get an all-important fix of endorphins.

9. You Can Flirt

Seize the fact that love is in the air. If you’re actively looking for romance then Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time to get out and get flirty. Even if you don’t meet ‘the one’ there’s so many events on that it’s worth getting dressed up, heading out and having some fun.

10. You Can Treat Yourself to Something Special

Use the money you would have spent on someone else and treat yourself. It could be a handbag you’ve been eying up, a subscription to Lumity’s Morning and Night Supplement or something as simple as a smoothie from the new café you’ve been waiting to try.

11. You Can Learn to Love Yourself

Take the opportunity to get a lesson in self love. They do say that to find love you have to learn to love yourself. Mark February 14th as the day you start your journey of acceptance. Listen to an inspiring TED Talk like Amanda Jetté Knox’s ‘Learning to Love Yourself’ to put a spring in your step.

12. You Can Make the Rules

If you’re unattached there doesn’t have to be compromise this Valentine’s Day because you can make your own set of rules. If you want to eat dessert first, watch horror films all day or spend the evening reading in the bath while enjoying a large glass of wine then you can.

13. You Don’t Have to Dress or Undress to Impress

We are all for getting dressed up to look and feel your best but sometimes snuggling up in your cosiest clothing can be so much more relaxing. Also, it’s the perfect nudge to have a mid-winter makeover, February is when a lot of us tend to forget things like pedicures and, you’ll be doing it for you because it makes you happy not because you want to look good for someone else.

14. You Don’t Have to Share

We know sharing is the right thing to do but sometimes it’s lovely to know ‘this is all mine’. Don’t think about who you want to be sharing that delicious pizza with, delight in the fact you can eat it as much or as little of it as you want. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make you smile. Besides the ‘Lady and the Trump’ spaghetti moment might look cute on screen but just think of the mess in real life.

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