Expert Advice: Summer Hair Care Tips For A Glossy Mane

“Summer-time, and the living is easy”… or so the old Gershwin song goes, but as far as your hair is concerned it’s time to be diligent, and that goes for your scalp too.


Heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair — which oxidises the colour to a brassy tone, wipes out shine, and leaves your locks brittle. On top of that, UV rays, humidity, and moisture-zapping chlorine and saltwater do your capillus no favours at all.


So to help you avoiding your hair at least from going ‘caput’, here are some summer hair care tips to keep your locks aglow.


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Try out a Messy Braid – they are one of the hottest summer 2016 hair trends that will continue well into September, October and spring/summer 2017. They’re versatile, pretty and easy to do yourself at home, and this is one style that’s here to stay for good. The styles above should give you some inspiration and there’s lots of easy to follow how to videos on YouTube if you feel as though you need step-by-step guidance.


As well as looking fantastic, messy braids and gentle up-dos will keep the hair from further UV exposure and add another layer of protection for the scalp. Don’t worry about them being perfect – the laid back nature of these summer hairstyles will embrace the natural elements of summer, with a cool, boho vibe and they look fabulous!


Cutting back on shampoo will allow your scalp’s oil production to re-balance itself, which is extra important for moisture during summertime weather.


After a trip to the beach, try rinsing the hair in the shower first, followed by giving yourself a scalp message. A 30 second scalp massage will exfoliate old cells, increase scalp circulation to promote hair growth and help remove any product build-up. Then try gently working the natural oils in your hair from the scalp down to the middle lengths and ends.


Every day exposure to chlorinated swimming pools can be very damaging to your hair. Although it can happen to anyone, men and women with shades of natural or coloured blonde are prone to chlorine damage and discolouration.


A little secret summer hair care tip: Add moisture to your hair before jumping in the pool. Think of your hair like a sponge, ready to soak up any water in its path. If you put a dry sponge into the pool, it’ll absorb more of the chemicals than a wet sponge, that has already been saturated in water.


Summer hair ailments like dryness and split-ends can be helped with the inclusion of deep conditioning masque treatment in your summer hair regime.


If you pay a little bit of extra attention to your hair at this time of year you’ll glide into winter with shiny, glossy locks and won’t end up with a frazzled, frizzy unruly mop of straw that you want to hide firmly under a hat.



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