My Lumity Diary: ‘Increased Energy, Sleeping Better – I Am A Different Person!’

One of the many wonderful things about the human body is that none of us are the same and we are all unique; when our clients take Lumity for the first time they all notice a variety of benefits. Our bodies put the nutrients where they’re needed most, so some people notice they’re sleeping better than ever, while others feel more energised and report that their skin is visibly improved. Because Lumity is all natural and created from clean, quality ingredients, it doesn’t work in the same way a pharmaceutical would; effects are noticeable but gentle and subtle. And those positive benefits increase over time.


Lumity’s not like a vitamin pill where you can take one every now and then: The carefully-calibrated formula works best when taken every day in the prescribed two-step morning and night manner; we also advise customers to wait three months to notice the full range of benefits. While Lumity is an anti-ageing supplement, it also increases immunity which means our clients’ health is improved, as well as their skin, sleep, hair and energy levels.


And, hearing how clients did during the first month on Lumity is always fantastic…


Jan Jackson, who has been undergoing treatment for secondary cancer, kept an honest diary of her first month on Lumity and has very kindly allowed us to share it here:


Jan writes: “I have been taking Lumity since the beginning of September after talking to Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey at a Lumity event.


“I also talked to a different supplement’s representative to get a clear difference between them. That one is about promoting healthy skin. But I need a holistic approach from the inside out.


“Then I talked to my oncologist to get clearance because some of the ingredients in Lumity appear to be in high doses but I was told to go ahead.


“My goal is to create a healthier, non-carcinogenic immune system and to carry on with an active life. Consistently making nutritious food which delivers all currently known effective ingredients is very time consuming as well as expensive – and I don’t even like turmeric!


“Here is a summary of my diary.


“Days 1 – 7: I noticed no difference, except perhaps I went to sleep more easily.


“Days 8 – 14 : Possibly as a side effect of my medication, I had an awful taste in my mouth, but my family started to comment on how I was able to do more and was looking ‘better’. Certainly sleeping soundly.


“Days 15 – 21 : The funny taste disappeared, my hair grew thicker by the day, I got between 7 to 9 hours sleep, suddenly found myself more active and saying ‘Yes’ to things.


“Days 22 – 28: I am a different person.


“My energy levels are almost back to normal.


“My phone voice is strong and positive, apparently, and I am now proactively making calls to friends after months of not being bothered.


“I fall asleep immediately after taking the evening soft gels and it’s only going to the bathroom in the night that wakes me. (Drinking 3 litres of water a day brings that on). Usually I sleep for around 7 hours now.


“I actually do bounce out of bed and have beenΒ annoying my friends and family once more.


“I can make decisions more easily.


“My high anxiety levels (one of the tamoxifen side effects) are significantly reduced.


“My skin is not noticeably different but my AB and S5 regime already had sorted that.


“I have lost 2 kg.


“For the price of a Starbucks Spiced Pumpkin Latte everyday I think this is a great investment in myself.”


We’re all delighted to read how well Jan has done during her first month on Lumity; it’s most definitely the best thing about being part of a team that’s dedicated to improving everybody’s health and overall quality of life. We’re looking forward to hearing how she does in the coming months.


How have you found your Lumity experience? If you would like us to feature you please get in touch, or leave a comment below…Β 



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