My Lumity Life: ‘I Am Proof That Anyone Can Change’

My name is Naomi Buff and I am a Holistic Health Coach who lives and and works in Monaco. I wasn’t always as health conscious as I am today, and I haven’t always worked in this industry, but through a series of events that took place in my life when I hit 30, my life changed drastically.


My journey started early 2011 when I moved to a new country with my family, my son was twelve months old at the time and stopped eating everything. I soon found that even though he wouldn’t eat anything, he would drink smoothies and juices. This inspired me to learn about nutrition so I could provide him with his nutrients in any way way possible.


As I continued to learn about health and nutrition I started to change my diet too, I became obsessed by it and soon became vegan, believing that it would be healthier for me. My diet was perfect, yet I was still struggling with so many health problems which were getting worse not better as I had expected with this new found “healthy diet”.


On paper I had the perfect diet and I was exercising 3-4 times a week – I should have been a picture of health but I felt awful most of the time. It didn’t make sense, but I continued as I was seeing so much progress with my fussy son.


In January 2014, I crashed from adrenal fatigue, my body could no longer sustain the extremities of my diet and I had overlooked one major factor… stress! I knew things had to drastically change and they did.


Shortly after my diagnosis, I began studying with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition which gave me a holistic approach to health and wellness – looking at health as a whole which extends beyond the plate. My diet and lifestyle changed and I began to turn inwards for the answers that I needed to heal myself. I discovered my own individual blueprint of what was healthy for ME and my body.


Fifteen months ago, I was invited to take part in trials for a new anti-ageing supplement called Lumity. I knew it had been created by a truly brilliant global expert on anti-ageing called Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey. So I was really excited about what kind of effect it would have on my body. However, I had a cupboard full of various supplements at home and whilst some of them helped me a little bit, nothing was lifting the permanent exhaustion that I felt from the adrenal fatigue.


After a month on Lumity I noticed that my skin wasn’t breaking out, I wasn’t flopping into bed exhausted at 8 or 9pm, and I suddenly had a new gentle energy that had been missing from my life for years. I was better able to deal with stress, I felt calmer and less anxious and I also was full of ideas for how to expand and grow my wellness business.


I found a spark inside me ignite that I never knew existed.


I felt invigorated and excited about life again. As the months flew by, I found that working out was easier (and fun because I was no longer dragging myself to the gym, I wanted to go!), my skin started glowing like I had just had a facial every morning, and I was getting the perfect amount of sleep every night. I was fitter, stronger and happier than I have been for a long time because my life wasn’t overshadowed by that permanent fatigue.


My hormones have definitely balanced, and as I slowly and gently healed, every other area of my life started to slot into place. I was evolving and had the energy to learn and build my new wellness business – which had become my passion.


The workshops I was doing evolved with me. I continued to develop my recipes and soon became involved with the largest restaurant group in Monaco where I brought my passion, ideas and recipes onto their menus sharing what I loved so much with others. I am now working on new concepts for hotels, as well as some other big exciting projects. For me it doesn’t seem like work, I feel like I am planning one big delicious healthy feast for my friends and family.


I now coach individual and small groups of women and men helping them find balance and health through food and lifestyle choices, I don’t believe in dieting and encourage eating whole foods with room for flexibility. I work with many women who have similar experiences to me such as fussy eating children, stress or adrenal fatigue/burnout. Through my blog, workshop and coaching, I am able to offer achievable steps towards a healthier more balanced life.


When I started my workshops in my apartment I had no idea that it would inspire such a radical transformation for myself and others. I am proof that anyone that can change.


I am excited to be part of the amazing Lumity wellness revolution and am so happy to be on this path of self-discovery, wellness and radiant health.


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