My Lumity Life: ‘I Can’t Believe My Skin – This Is A Miracle!’

All of us say it; the best thing about working for Lumity is hearing stories about how much of a difference these supplements have made to our clients’ lives. We have had several women tell us that they’ve conceived after years of trying for a baby while taking Lumity, brides who say that Lumity gave them confidence on their wedding day and people who are undergoing treatment for secondary cancer who say that our supplements haveΒ given themΒ the energy to get out of bed.


Obviously, we can’t resolve the stress levels in your life completely, but Lumity can give you the energy to set the wheels in motion to make healthier lifestyle choices, which in turn will make you feel calmer and happier.


Benefits depend on the person, and we advise people to take note of what their skin and health is like before starting Lumity and then compare, as it’s easy to forget. Lumity is all natural so won’t work in the same way that a pharmaceutical would. However, just like many anti-depressants and other medications which have been prescribed by a doctor, it can take between six to twelve weeks to see the full range of benefits that Lumity can provide. When you embark on a healthier lifestyle and start working out at the gym you don’t expect to lose weight overnight – good things take time and consistency.


One of our clients, Nicole Edwards, 43, who is a mother of two and lives in Sussex says that she didn’t believe that Lumity was making any difference at first – until she accidentally left hers behind when she left for a week long family holiday.


“My friend has been taking Lumity for about a year and every time I see her she seems more sparkly and energetic,” Nicole tells Lumity. “She always says when we meet for lunch things like ‘Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey says that refined sugar causes glycation and that means it ages our skin prematurely so I have cut back on refined sugar’ or, ‘I’ve found out that stress is the biggest factor in disease and premature ageing so I have taken up yoga and meditation’. She has become healthier and much happier over the past year, her skin is lovely and it’s wonderful to see how content she is.


“She kept telling me that Lumity would help me, I am going through a divorce and have been down and highly stressed for a long time now. I am going through peri-menopause and have had such heavy periods that I’ve even considered ablation surgery.


“Six months ago I finally decided to order Lumity and I took it every morning and night as directed. Looking back I realise now that I was expecting to take Lumity for a few weeks and wake up one morning and be a completely different person. When that didn’t happen I decided to cancel my order before the end of the first month. I was still grumpy and fed up.


“The people at Lumity’s customer service asked me if my life was particularly stressful, and of course the answer was yes. They persuaded me to work on reducing that stress and explained that the nutrients would be going where they were needed first, so I decided not to cancel my order and go ahead with having a new box sent to me every month.


“I booked some time off work for the first time in a long time and planned a family holiday so I could have some quality time with my two sons. It was the first time we have been away since their father and I split up, so I decided to make it really happy and a fresh start.


“This was when I was midway through my second month of Lumity. I was feeling more positive and I noticed that I was having vivid dreams which I was writing down and that helped me work out which issues from the day that my subconscious mind was trying to process in the night. It was probably the first time in years that I had slept well enough even to have vivid dreams. But other than that, I didn’t notice that my skin was better and I was still quite tired and stressed – or so I thought.


“We left for our holiday and it wasn’t until after we arrived that I realised I had forgotten to pack my Lumity. It was then that I really noticed a difference! All week my sleep was fitful and I had noticeably less energy and vitality in the day. We still enjoyed the holiday but when we returned the first thing I did was reach for my night-time Lumity capsules and have an early night. I awoke after a full nine hours of sleep feeling refreshed and after taking my morning capsules and feeling that gentle flow of energy I realised that they had been working but I had forgotten how frazzled I had been when I first started taking them!


“After that I really started to notice a change. By the middle of the third month my skin was unbelievable. I had lots more energy and was happy and positive. Suddenly my hair was fuller and more glossy and my periods were much lighter too. I was full of ideas and even made friends with my ex after months of strained phone calls and texts. We made a plan that suited both of us and resolved a lot of issues around the split – vowing to move forward as a team rather than as enemies.


“I started to make changes to my diet, so I was finally getting lots of leafy greens and fresh food instead of relying on convenience food, and I made a promise to myself to go for a run every evening which has also helped me combat stress. I’ve lost weight too and that has helped my self-confidence. Six months after first trying Lumity I am seeing all kinds of benefits and I truly believe that things will continue to improve. I can’t believe my skin though – it’s so clear and dewy now, I have even been going make up free to show it off!


“I’m so happy that I stuck with Lumity, and with all the other positive lifestyle changes that I have made because of it, Lumity really is a miracle.”




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