Karen Cummings-Palmer: ‘My best age is right now’

-Aug 29, Jenny Paul , Health -

Karen Cummings-Palmer, Health and beauty expert and founder of 79 Lux tells Lumity about her non-negotiable wellness habits and why her best age is right now.

Tell us more about yourself. Who you are, what you love, what inspires you every day ?

I am a woman in the middle, I have figured out what works for me and for my clients.  I think age is to be celebrated but it should also be managed.  I encourage my clients to adopt tools not rules, to focus on consciousness rather than control.

Do you feel today is your best age? 

Today is absolutely my best age – yes, I am older, but I am also stronger both emotionally and physically thanks to Pilates, free weights and the memory of survival of some of life’s challenges.

Does life get better with age? If so how?

I think youth is currency but so is age!  Each decade comes with different pleasures and pressures but I do think that perspective is a wonderful thing and that as well as grace, wisdom and humility comes with age.

What does beauty mean to you? 

I find strength, generosity and kindness really beautiful and I am a huge fan of glowing skin and toned arms.

Which differences have you noticed since taking Lumity’s flagship supplements? 

The first thing I noticed with Lumity was more energy.  My next big win, was faster growing hair.  My work in health and wellness means that great nutrition is at the core of what I do and how I live, but I do think my immunity has had a boost since adding Lumity to my regime – I haven’t had a full blown cold in two years.

Can you tell us why Lumity’s products are making a difference to your life and wellness/beauty routine?

One of the things I really appreciate about Lumity is that it works with the body’s own cycles – it’s not about a quick fix of mega doses, instead it supports everything from energy to skin over time, which means that it does need to be taken consistently and for a minimum of three months.  

Which benefits did you notice as each month went by? Did the benefits get better? 

I take the am capsules with my morning green juice and the pm capsules just before starting my pre-bedtime skincare routine.  

Do you have any wellbeing habits that you practice to keep energised and focused?

As well as great nutrition and supplementation I move everyday – my morning workout is a non-negotiable but I only commit to ten minutes and occasionally get to twenty.  I don’t believe in setting myself, or my clients up for failure.  I also make sure that I own the first and last hour of my day – so no phones, or work, instead I use the time to meditate, move, read or listen to music.   Excessive consumption of technology is compromising our skin, our sleep and our relationships and I now spend as much time weening clients off late night phone usage as I do refined sugar.

Can you describe your typical day?

I wake up at around 6.30 am then stretch, have my first glass of water and then fling open the doors to soak up some air and light put on some classical music and begin my morning movement routine.  I practice oil pulling most mornings then comes, green juice, Lumity followed by the news and a quick scroll through Insta and essential emails.  Breakfast is anything from a poached egg with avocado on a slice of rye to a banana, chia and berry smoothie bowl topped with coconut chips and bee pollen.  

Every day is different, I divide my time between seeing clients,  working as a consultant for health and beauty brands and developing wellness menus and programmes for corporations. I also recently launched my own body skincare brand, 79 Lux, so it is really important for me to look and feel my best but I’m also a big believer in sustainable, attainable wellness and balance in all things.  Yes, I’ll add collagen boosting seaweed to an antioxidant rich salad for supper but I may well have it with a glass of organic red wine!

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