5 Easy Feng Shui hacks to make your home happier

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Easy Feng Shui hacks to make your life happier
Life in the 21st century can be overwhelming and stressful, so it’s more important than ever that when you’re at home it’s a calm and tranquil space where you can retreat to relax and recharge. Have you ever thought about applying Feng Shui principles to your living space? We take a look with the help of expert Mark Ainsley… 


Whilst your home should be a sanctuary away from the challenges of the outer world, life’s hectic pace can creep in to make your abode less relaxing than it could be. Walking through the door and seeing bills, stacks of old magazines you haven’t had time to recycle and piles of clothes that need washing isn’t going to make you feel calm – it’s only going to add to your stress levels. Home is where the heart is, so if the heart is bursting with to-do lists and a lot of mess, then you won’t feel at your best when you are there.

The ancient practice of Feng Shui provides common-sense solutions that help bring natural harmony and integration to a home environment. And, making your home a calmer place to be doesn’t involve a lot of work – small adjustments can make a huge difference. It’s not about being tidy, or putting yourself under pressure to spend your precious free time doing the never-ending housework, it’s about giving yourself peace of mind to enjoy your time at home and feel happier when you are there.

Here are five Feng Shui hacks that are easy to do and that you can use to turn your home into a haven that gives you peace of mind and will instantly relax you whenever you put your key in the door.


An entrancing entrance


As the barrier between your inner and outer world, your entrance should welcome you with open arms. If you walk in to piles of shoes, stacks of papers, or any other kind of disorder, it’s more like being slapped in the face. Aim to have an eye-catching piece of art on the wall that you love and lifts your spirits. Avoid having a mirror directly opposite the door, where the movement of your own reflection can startle you as you enter. Keep the area tidy and inviting. No stacks of shoes, or bits of paper.


A little space to call my own


Everyone needs one calm place in the home that is theirs alone. Whether it is a chair, a corner, or an entire room, a dedicated space for relaxation (other than sleep) helps to cultivate the peace and quiet we all need. Keep the area tidy and have a candle, an inspiring image or object, and a colorful cushion to help set the mood for restorative downtime.


Blue will give you the blues


You will spend a quarter to a third of your life in the bedroom, so its design is consequential. Using the colour blue for bedding, curtains, or the walls can inadvertently create a cooler, less-than-romantic space that can lead to tiredness, moodiness, and overwhelm. Warm tones (any hue that makes your skin look its best in soft light) will serve you better. A blue object – like a glass vase – is fine, but blue curtains, sheets and walls are best avoided in the bedroom. Bedsheets with busy or geometric patterns and horror movie posters on the wall are not ideal either – keep the mood calm and nurturing.


Favourites only


Your home is your home – the only place in the world you can truly make a choice – so it should be filled only with things you love. If you are keeping Great Aunt Olga’s tea set even though you hate it (and when she herself doesn’t particularly elicit warm thoughts), then you are sending yourself the message that you are willing to tolerate things you don’t like in your life. Release any object that you actively dislike and instead showcase your favourites. When your home shows you only what you love, you’ll feel happier just by looking at it all.


Get fresh!


We crave the stability of manmade structures but feel both inspired and nourished by nature. Fresh, colourful flowers literally breathe life into our boxy homes. Aim for a variety of colours; eye-catching reds are a favourite for their warmth and passion. Placed in a corner or on a table, they inspire connectivity, expansion, and vitality.


Don’t you feel calmer already? Mark Ainley is a Feng Shui expert who travels the world using his expertise to make people’s home and workplaces happier.

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