The 5 golden rules of gorgeous skin

-Dec 18, Jenny Paul, Beauty -

When mid-December rolls around, it’s always a good time to rethink your skincare routine before it gets a pounding as the festivities kick in. Our skin needs extra nourishment when it’s cold outside especially seeing as we’re behind closed doors and away from sunlight (don’t forget to supplement with vitamin D).

We asked top London aesthetician, Anya Banas, who runs Dermavita clinic and is known in Kensington as, “the fairy godmother of skin” what her top five tips for gorgeous skin are:

Q: Which skincare rules do you recommend? There’s so much conflicting advice out there

A: “Cleansing, toning and moisturising is now seen as old school. Now, instead of using toner, what I advise my clients to do is cleanse twice, then use a serum, then moisturise and then add SPF.

“It’s really important if you live in a city to remove all the pollution that’s in the air, so double cleansing both in the morning and at night is essential. Don’t skip it at night and climb into bed with the day’s dirt on your face because you’re tired, or had a few drinks.

“The fifth magic component is taking a targeted anti-ageing morning and night supplement. As Helena Christensen says, what goes in your body is as important as what goes on your body.

“If you do those five things religiously – double cleanse, serum, moisturise, SPF and anti-ageing supplements, your skin will be the best it can be.

“Obviously eating a good, balanced diet is important too, there’s a lot of brilliant nutritionists with recipes and advice available online.

“The 80:20 lifestyle rule is a good one, it means you can have wine and all your treats 20% of the time, but that 80% of the time you’re healthy and eat the right things. It was never so easy to have great skin, and to feel wonderful too. If you don’t feel good from within, you won’t look good on the outside. The holistic approach; looking after mind, body and soul is the fail-proof one.”

Q: Do we need to spend a fortune on pots of cream? 

A:  “No. You don’t need to use really expensive products. I see clients in their twenties who are spending up to £1500 at a time on a pot of designer moisturiser, yet they have problem skin because what they’re using is too heavy for their young skin and it’s blocking their pores. They’re paying for the name only. The brands I recommend are Epionce, Environs and Esthederm.They’re top of the range and work really well but they’re not expensive. I can’t wait for Lumity’s new Facial Oil to launch next month, it’s going to be top of everyone’s Christmas wish lists!”

Q: Can we skip SPF in winter? Scientists are warning about the dangers of vitamin D deficiencies due to people wearing Factor 50 all the time now

A: “Never skip SPF – use it all year round, even in winter. It’s a non-negotiable skin product. Lumity has vitamin D in it so as long as you take that, you don’t need to worry about deficiencies, plus it’ll give you the confidence to go make-up free if you want to do that. You can wear Factor 30, so you don’t need to wear a complete block. But SPF is one of those things you should never forget to use in the day.”

Q: We have heard that people are shunning Botox – is this true? 

A: “Yes, there’s a very definite trend for non-invasive treatments now. People love getting peels at this time of year as you need to stay out of the sun after you have a peel.

“There’s one I do called a red carpet peel, you can have it at lunchtime and have glowing, line-free, baby skin when you go out that evening. I love to combine needling and peels.

“Another great treatment for face, jaw line and neck is radiofrequency. It gives skin a lovely plumpness and tightens as well. It’s the person doing the treatment that matters the most and how skilled they are, so if you’re considering any of these make sure you get as many personal recommendations as possible before going ahead.

“Then go in for a consultation and if you feel you’re being sold something you don’t need then say no. Some treatments and certain peels work better if you go back for several sessions; so if you’re considering these types of treatments in time for the festive season, then start soon.”

Q: What’s the best beauty secret of all? 

A: Be happy, love what you do and spend time with people you love. Invest in yourself and give yourself the luxury of making the time to look and feel your most beautiful. I love going to Pilates, because I feel that it elongates my legs. I’m very busy, but when I make time for that I feel good. That feeling; when you are happy, calm, energised and full of love and passion is what gives your eyes their sparkle.”


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