5 habits happy people swear by

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Consistency could be key to making you a happy person. Lumity spoke to several joyous women who told us the acts they've made habitual

We know consistency is key when it comes to our beauty and wellbeing but it could just be for our happiness too. Because if you can make brushing your teeth, showering and eating dinner habitual why can’t you do the same with being happy?

There aren’t many people in this world who don’t want to be happy but the bumps in the road during every day life can sometimes make it feel like an uphill battle to joy.

But the fact of the matter is if you can learn to be happy you’ll be much better equipped to deal with what’s thrown at you.

Lumity spoke to several women who say they genuinely feel happy most of the time and compiled a list of some of the things they do consistently to keep their happiness on track.  

Be Optimistic

Start as you mean to go on. Playing catch up on the happiness scale is much harder than maintaining your happiness from a high point. Optimism doesn’t always come easily but if you can wake up and try to start the day on a positive there’s a strong chance you’ll have a happier day than you would if you opened your eyes and let your brain instantly be filled with negativity.


While we know there are likely plenty of happy people out there who don’t exercise, making movement part of your daily routine will almost certainly bring you joy. Even if you’re not a ‘workout kind of person’ it doesn’t mean you can’t be active and get those feel good endorphins pumping.

Just find something you like doing. It could be walking, cycling, boules, bowling, tennis or even gardening. Once you discover what it is you enjoy it’s easy to make it a habit and you, your body and your happiness will be glad you did. 

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Be Grateful

You will rarely find a happy person complaining that they have nothing to be grateful for. Even if it’s a stressful time in their lives many of them swear by looking at what you do have rather than what you don’t. 

Start small and you can work your way up. Every day look around you and make a quick mental or physical list of  things you can appreciate. It could be the delicious lunch you had, the fact it didn’t rain when you put the washing out or a smile from a stranger at the shops. This action will inject joy into your life and takes no time at all. 

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Don’t Compare 

Social media makes it really difficult not to compare your life to others but it’s important to remember life is rarely what it looks like on Instagram or Facebook. And even if it is don’t waste your time getting down about it. The only person you need to compare and compete against is yourself to ensure you’re the best version you can be. If social media is getting you down stop checking it!

Commit to Kindness

One act of kindness a day doesn’t take much but it can give your heart, happiness and health a real boost. Open a door, chat to someone looking lonely, donate to charity or just smile at someone you don’t know. Random acts of kindness aren’t done to get something back but you’ll still be rewarded in the way that you’ll feel. 

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