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Dr Sabine Donnai, pictured below, is a leading global authority on integrated health management and preventive medicine. She works closely with many UK and international clients to both optimise their health and resolve complex health issues. It is her clinical philosophy that underpins the Viavi approach. Prior to founding Viavi, Sabine gained extensive international experience as a general physician and subsequently held senior executive positions with major healthcare companies in the UK. She has been Medical Director of Nuffield Health Wellbeing, Managing Director of Prestige Health and Regional Clinical Director of BUPA.

Health decoder Dr Sabine Donnai reveals her secrets for busting stress and living well.

You are often referred to as a modern-day health de-coder.  What do you do that might be different from other clinics?

Firstly at Viavi we start by analysing the DNA of our clients and then, most importantly, we then test to see if the client is expressing the genetic risks. Once this is has been identified, we can construct a health strategy for our client that is completely unique to them and is focussed on compensating and avoiding the health risks caused by our DNA ‘mistakes’.

Secondly, the Viavi Health Evaluation aims to identify the root causes of current illness or health problems rather than treating symptomatically. This does not only result in best maintainable health outcomes but also in maximum performance so that we can enjoy life to the full without ‘paying the price’

Viavi focusses on both traditional investigations and functional medicine investigations.

What is special about how you test and map people’s health?

Firstly, the Viavi investigations are personalised rather than generic ‘for a men between 40 – 60’. It is hugely important to test what will be relevant for an individual.

Secondly, it is paramount that we understand health – and illness- in its totality, as a functioning of the whole system not organs in isolation. To achieve this understanding of the interconnectivity we need to get a snap shot in time of all the functioning so we can interpret which small imbalance might be influence a larger imbalance and eventually a health issue. The origin of the health issue might be in a completely different organic system. For example: a skin problem often has its origin in an imbalance of the gut biome. To complete the health system map is important to identify the root cause.

What change can everyone make to their health that will make the biggest difference?

Keep muscle mass up by challenging muscular growth. Increase fish oil intake.

What is your one big bit of advice for those who wish to future proof their health?

Check your DNA and compensate for your own deficiencies.

Are there any real scientific breakthroughs in health that you are excited about at the moment?

Stem cell treatments and their applications is hugely exiting for the future of treating and preventing disease and ageing.

What healthy habits do you practice that make the most different to your life?

Of the four pillars of my performance and preventive care programme : activity and exercise – nutrition –energy recovery (sleep and relaxation)– detoxification, the one that for me has the biggest impact is the meditation. Saying that, I know that my meditation practice would not have the positive impact on my focus, balance, energy and performance unless I was properly nourished, fit and my physiology not burned down with toxins. 

What is your favourite healthy read?

Scientific American Mind

What are your favourite stress busting products that you love?

Stress is a physiological reaction and therefor will need an action to balance the physiology. Actions such as exercise, massages, floatation tanks, meditation are all excellent stress releasers. Products don’t tend to reduce stress although some nutrient supplements to support the adrenal glands might sometime be useful.

In clients that where we see an excess of Beta waves on the brain map or those people that have a hypervigilant brain, the AlphaStim product to increase Alpha brainwaves, can be recommended under clinical guidance.

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