5 of the best apps for learning a new skill

-May 19, Hannah Hargrave , Mind -

Keeping your brain young is key in the quest for longevity and preventing dementia and a huge part of this is continued learning. Now there are some fantastic apps designed to help you learn something new and Lumity has narrowed them down to five favourites.

You are never too old to learn, in fact nowadays it’s actively encouraged as you get older to boost brain health, confidence and the enjoyment of life in general. But if you’re stumped as to what new skill you want to pick up or how to go about it one of the following apps could be perfect for you.

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If you’ve decided to navigate a new language Babbel is for you. Whether you’re venturing off on a long-awaited holiday and want to learn a little of the local lingo or you’re hell bent on becoming fluent in a foreign language Babbel is great. It focuses on short, 10-15 minute, bursts of learning so you don’t get overwhelmed with the ins and outs of language, making it enjoyable and manageable.


Maybe you know the subject you want to read about but you have no clue which book is best or you simply don’t have time to wade your way through one. Blinkist takes the best bits from a non fiction book on a subject of your choice and delivers it in 15-minute text or audio segments. It’s fantastic for helping people discover new topics and authors and for filling those small pockets of time you have in a day with something useful. 


We all know the importance of mental wellbeing and that’s why the Remente app is focused on minimising stress and building mindfulness. Knowing the damaging effect stress and anxiety can have on our minds and body means it’s never been so important to learn how to manage it. 

Remente is a tool for improving mental health by breaking down overwhelming tasks into daily goals to make everything more manageable.

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Yousician is music to your ears if you want to learn to play an instrument from the comfort of your own home. The instruments on offer are piano, guitar, bass and ukulele and there are thousands of songs to choose from.

If you think nobody is listening you’d be wrong because it gives you feedback on your playing with everything from timing to accuracy. 

There are step-by-step tutorial videos and you can benefit from the app whether you’re a beginner or a pro.


Elevate is a fantastic app for keeping your brain active without you having to learn a new skill. The app helps train your brain so your focus, memory and much more improves. Subscribers get a program that is tailored specifically to them because no brain is the same.

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