Powerful essential oil pairings that will help you sleep and fight off breakouts

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5 powerful essential oil pairings

When it comes to essential oils we could sing their benefits from the rooftops all day long. From lavender oil’s wonderful sleep inducing ability to lemon’s stress-relieving super power, they each have their own impressive qualities. We take a closer look at which blends work well together and how to do it yourself at home. 

Many of us love essential oils, so it might be music to your ears to know that by blending certain combinations of your favourite scents that you can increase their potency and perhaps even ease two related ailments at once.

Just as the science behind Lumity’s Facial Oil and Lumity’s triple award-winning day and night supplements show that certain ingredients work better as a team than by themselves, these oil pairings pack a serious punch.

How to blend essential oils at home 

While DIY oil blending is fun, fairly simple and natural just beware that essential oils are also very strong. So it’s often better to dilute them in a carrier oil, like olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil first.  The guide for a normal adult is 2% dilution. So aim for two drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil.

Which essential oils work best for sleep? 

When Lavender and Bergamot are blended together they work wonders for a great night’s sleep. 

Just a few drops of this sleepy combo on your pillow case could help you drift off to sleep in no time. 

Lavender has been shown to lower the stress hormone, cortisol, and make you fall asleep more rapidly.

Uplifting Bergamot shares many of the same qualities as Lavender and the combination of Bergamot’s citrus scent and Lavender’s earthiness makes for a heavenly sleep aid.

How to give yourself an immediate natural boost of energy 

Wild Orange and Peppermint are fantastic for an instant lift. 

It could be time to put down your coffee (or blue matcha) and try this quick pick me up instead. Wild orange and peppermint are a great combo for freshening you up in the morning, increasing mental altertness and for giving you a boost when you begin to flag.

Orange oil is high in antioxidants, is uplifting and is also a powerful cleanser, while peppermint promotes healthy, clear breathing. Inhale deeply and feel your energy levels rise. 

An easy way to improve mental alertness and focus 

Lemon and Rosemary really are a fantastic way to clear the mists of the dreaded brain fog. 

If your mind is wandering and you need to focus quickly then a blend of lemon and rosemary oil could be just what you’re looking for.

Lemon oil is a stress reducer and improves concentration, and rosemary helps improve memory and mental performance. Both combined is said to inspire focus and attentiveness.

A natural way to fight off a blocked up nose or sinuses 

Peppermint and Eucalyptus are a brilliant cold-fighting duo. 

When you’re bunged up and struggling to breathe this DIY Vicks alternative is great to clear the system The menthol in the mint oil is a natural decongestant and anti-inflammatory and eucalyptus has been shown to help all manner of respiratory conditions too.

How to clear up acne, spots and break outs fast 

Tea Tree and Clary Sage are incredible weapons to have when you’re experiencing an unwanted breakout. 

Tea tree oil possesses powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which help reduce inflammation of the skin. Clary sage is also an anti-inflammatory and stress reliever too. Together they are an acne fighting powerhouse that kills off the bacteria in the spots as well as soothing the skin at the same time.


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