5 Reasons to love those first grey hairs

-Jan 9, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

Going grey isn’t just a tell-tale sign of ageing. In fact those first signs of silver, and the ones that follow, can be confidence boosting and inspiring too. 

There’s no denying that for many men and women finding that first grey hair can instill a sense of panic. You may fear you’ll look older overnight or that it’s the first sign you’re showing your age. But going grey really can be great and when you begin to embrace it you’ll wonder why you ever wasted valuable time worrying in the first place. 

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It’s sexy

It’s fair to say that silver-haired men have stolen most of the glory when it comes to being deemed sexy and distinguished for their salt and pepper look. But nowadays women are rocking grey too – just look at Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis. Even Jessica Biel and Chrissy Teigen have flown the grey haired flag showing silver foxes aren’t just male.

It’s on trend

People are actually paying to go grey, in fact for many grey is the new black. So rather than dying your hair to cover up the silvery strands, why not consider a trendy transformation and go grey all over! If it’s too much of a bold fashion statement rock a streak of grey or white instead or ask your hair stylist how you can incorporate your newfound greys into a new look. 

It encourages change

If you’ve been stuck in a hairstyle rut then finding your first greys could be the perfect excuse to finally take the plunge and try something different.

Even something as simple as changing your parting can completely alter your hairdo, but there’s even more fun to be had if you’re willing to get adventurous. 

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It’s natural 

We are in an era of owning what happens to us naturally. Whether that’s getting older or getting greyer. Going grey is genetic and it could happen in your teens, your twenties or your twilight years, or it might not ever happen at all. But the fact of the matter is, it’s out of your control. 

So why worry about it? It’s certainly not a life threatening condition. Instead decide which avenue you want to take and don’t waste another moment getting worked up over something that’s out of your hands.

It shows confidence

Gone are the days when grey hair was linked to growing old. Now it’s more often seen as a sign of sophistication and distinction. Taking the plunge and embracing the grey takes confidence and that’ll shine through more than the silver strands will. 

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