5 Reasons why a healthy diet is better for your skin than injectables

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Injectables might smooth out frown lines but so can your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients which come in the form of a healthy diet.

Injectables might be a quick, temporary fix if you’re hoping to look refreshed and well-rested but if you are looking for a more permanent solution cosmetic procedures might need to take a back seat to nutrition.

There’s no denying muscle freezing injectables do smooth out frown lines but so can your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients which come in the form of a healthy diet

Here’s what nutrition can do to help you look and feel fantastic!

Can what I eat help to boost collagen?

As you age the two proteins in your skin, collagen and elastin stop functioning quite as well as it did in your youth and your skin gets further damaged by free radicals. This is what causes sagging skin and fine lines. Injections might be able to smooth out your skin and limit its movement to create further fine lines but it can’t help cell regeneration. Vitamin C on the other hand can. By adding vitamin C in the form of kiwis, strawberries, broccoli your skin can regenerate cells and will look fresh and healthy.

How the right nutrients add moisture to your skin

Linoleic Acid is essential for keeping skin moisturised. It is the most abundant fatty acid in the skin and without enough of it your skin can not only become dry but also thin and that causes uneccessary fine lines and sagging. 

Although your body can’t make the acid it can be found in a number of foods, such as almonds, walnuts, edamame and canola oil. Flaxseed oil is 68% alpha-linolenic acid so a great alternative to fish oils if you’re considering your Omega intake.

Ways to cut back on your sugar intake

Refined sugar isn’t just bad for the waistline it can damage our skin too. Too much of the sweet stuff can cause skin to lose its elasticity and leave it weak and discoloured. Cutting down on cakes, cookies, sweet treats and even white carbs containing refined sugar can have a a huge and long lasting effect on your skin. Replace them with a diet that contains healthy swaps so you won’t crave sugar in the first place – lots of vegetable soup, smoothies and new, nutritious versions of your old unhealthy treats.

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Feed your skin from the outside in!

Eating right does more than nourish your skin it works wonders for your overall wellness too. Ditching processed foods, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and managing your portions can make you look and feel your best from more than just your face down.

The right food can improve the quality of your sleep

Beauty sleep is imperative for good skin. And, if you’re eaten the wrong foods in the evening you could lie awake at night because your body is busy fighting off a sudden onslaught of inflammation. A good night’s sleep will allow your skin cells to regenerate, meaning you’ll wake up looking and feeling refreshed. Adding Vitamin C to your diet can reduce tiredness and fatigue, as can magnesium. Vitamin C and magnesium can be found in many foods including dark leafy greens, whole grains and dark chocolate.

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