5 reasons why living alone in your 50s can be great

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Living alone in your 50s and beyond doesn't have to be lonely in fact there are plenty of perks to living by yourself and

Being alone doesn’t have to mean you’re lonely, in fact it can be amazing. With more and more women over 50 living by themselves – and loving it – Lumity wanted to look at the perks of solo habitation.

Whether it’s by choice or by chance there are lots of females who find themselves living alone later in life. But rather than nose diving into negativity many are embracing the freedom and realising just how liberating it can be to have their own space. 

More freedom

So you want to go to the cinema at 10am, eat breakfast for lunch and dessert before dinner, spend all day shopping or doing absolutely nothing at all. Well you can, if you don’t have to consider anyone else living under your roof.

While you should be free to live your life whichever way you want, regardless of if you’re cohabiting or not, it’s goes without saying that you stop and think about either who might judge you or how it will effect those closest to you.

Although we are definitely not telling you to stop thinking about others and start being utterly selfish, when the people you have to consider – friends or family elsewhere – are a phone call away, rather than in the next room, it makes it easier to make your own decisions and go off on a whim without feeling guilty.

Which brings us to our next point.

Less guilt

There’s no denying that many women are guilty of feeling guilty – a lot! Guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids or guilty that you’re reading a book when there’s a housework to be done. 

When you live by yourself this guilt is generally reduced though because the people you’re doing all these things for – which the exception of yourself of course – are no longer in your peripheral vision.

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Better social life

It might sound silly but living by yourself can mean you spend more time with other people. When you don’t have someone to fall back on as company in your home you will likely force yourself to get out there and make more of an effort with your friends and expand your social circle. You end up with many people you can rely on rather than focusing on just the one. 

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New hobbies

Unleash your creative side because without distractions ideas are sparked. You can allow yourself the minutes, hours or even days you need to go off on a tangent with something you’ve been dying to get to grips with.

You’ll have more time on your hands to finally indulge in that dance class, book club, pottery course or whatever else takes your fancy because you quite simply have more me-time.

Time for self-care

Self-care is not selfish it’s imperative to your wellbeing. Having uninterrupted time to focus on yourself, whether it be 30 minutes of yoga, a long hot bath, a facial using Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil or a day at the spa, making me time is easier without kids, partners or housemates around.

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