5 style lessons we’ve learnt this year

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So here we are: on the cusp of welcoming in a new season, and life is still anything but back to normal – and it may never be. This year has been challenging at best, and undoubtedly we continue to have a bumpy road ahead. But whilst it’s fair to assume none of us would have wanted this year to develop as it has, there are lessons in self-love that we can take away from it to help us move forward.

One area this is particularly relevant is in style. Having previously been dismissed as frivolous, lockdown ignited a new understanding and appreciation for the positive impact clothes can have on our wellbeing. Officially known as ‘enclothed cognition’ by scientists, more of us came to understand that the clothes we choose to wear – from colours, to fabrics, to designs –  can actively reflect or influence the way we feel and behave. 

So, with that in mind, here are 5 core style lessons we’ve learnt to ensure we get maximum positive psychological benefits out of what we wear:

Dress to be the best version of yourself 

At the Bias Cut, we believe every woman deserves to wear clothes that make her feel truly fabulous.  Body, age or lifestyle insecurities can cause us to lose sense of ourselves, and retreat to clothes that help us hide away (hello baggy tops and dark colours such as navy or black). But all this does is reinforce a lack of self-worth. 

So rather than automatically telling yourself you can’t or shouldn’t wear something you love, give it – and yourself – a chance. Similarly, don’t feel you must save certain clothes for best; have fun dressing up – even if you’re only having dinner with the family in the kitchen! It will do wonders for your psyche and mood, lifting both your spirts and those around you. 

Adapt and experiment

One of the biggest joys of style is experimenting. And throughout lockdown you might have found yourself exploring new ideas more than usual as you didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing you! 

Well hold on to that. What’s more, you may also have lots of new pieces to play with in your wardrobe after indulging in retail therapy during lockdown. In particular, there was a huge surge in popularity of tops, blouses and jewellery as they could be seen on video chat. These pieces can breathe new life into a previously stale wardrobe, bringing fresh styling opportunities. 

And right now, believe it or not but face masks bring another opportunity to have fun. Why not opt for colourful designs, playful or trendy patterns, or even match with your outfit? So when you do need to put on a mask, the design will perk up your spirits.

Our #AgeismIsNeverInStyle face masks at the-Bias-Cut are made of soft, 3ply quilted jersey, are available in 7 fabulous colourways and, best of all,  £5 from each mask sold will be donated to charity Hospice UK – the national charity for hospice and palliative care. And you can even attach them to our new glasses chains to keep around your neck, so you can be prepared, safe and chic all in one! 

The importance of sustainability 

Feel good fashion starts at the beginning of the supply chain. We all know that fast, disposable fashion has led to over consumption, waste and damaging effects on the environment. And it has resulted in infringement of basic human rights – which we now know has even continued throughout the pandemic putting lives at risk. 

Which is why, now more than ever, we must look after one another and the world around us by supporting slow, sustainable fashion. By focusing on beautiful quality, ethically made pieces that are modern yet transcend trends, we can continue to experience the pleasure and joy that style brings, whilst simultaneously adopting a more sustainable approach that only has a positive impact on communities and livelihoods. 

To shop with knowledge and confidence, look for a brand’s sustainable and ethical fashion manifesto and initiatives that should be included on their website.  

Investing in quality is key 

Self-loving style includes choosing the right fabrics that make you feel good. The way a fabric feels on your skin can have a profound effect on your mood. We all get grumpy when wearing a scratchy, itchy top, whereas a soft cotton knit that gently caresses your skin can bring comfort and ease. And that’s why investing in quality is so important. 

What’s more, a slow, investment based approach to fashion is far more sustainable and eco-friendly as garments will last longer. At the Bias Cut, our Cost Per Wear Calculator – a first of its kind – is available on every product page. It’s a simple tool that helps you carefully consider your purchase so you can curate  tight knit wardrobe that you will get maximum use out of and limit waste. 

Online fashion shopping opens doors 

During lockdown even the most reluctant of us had to rely on online shopping, with more of us appreciating its value. And when it comes to fashion, there are countless more options plus great discounts to be found. Plus with many sites offering free shipping and returns, it proved to be both hassle free and a safe option. 

You may want to shop small, but fortunately more independents than ever now have an online presence – whether through their own store or via a boutique – so you can still support them. That’s not to say you should stop physical shopping all together, but it’s worth remembering how useful online clothes shopping can be in broadening your style horizons, even if it’s to research or look for inspiration.

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