5 ways to burn fat while you sleep

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could lose weight while you sleep? The great news is you can. Here’s how you can burn fat while visiting the land of nod.

When you think about burning fat, the first thought that pops into your head is likely diet and exercise. But while a healthy lifestyle is of course key to staying in shape there are things you can do while you sleep, which will aid weight loss too.

Sleep more

To reap the benefits of sleep you need to ensure you’re getting enough of it. Shifting those pounds at bedtime can only happen if you’re consistently getting between 7-9 hours of quality shut eye. 

So why does sleep keep your weight on track?

Hormones play a large part in this. Ghrelin stimulates hunger and leptin steadies your appetite and it’s been shown that in people who get good sleep ghrelin is reduced and leptin is increased.

You also have to remember that sleep isn’t an inactive state and you burn calories while resting. For example a 150 pound person will burn approximately 420 calories during a seven hour sleep. But you need that rest to burn those calories! Staying up late and watching TV on the sofa doesn’t have the same effect as proper rest.

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Eat earlier

If you’re eating a nutritious, balanced  diet but you’re still not seeing the results you wanted, it might be time to look at not what you’re eating, but when you’re eating it.

When you tuck into food too close to your bedtime your insulin levels rise and more sugar ends up in your fat cells. You use less sugar as fuel while you sleep, rather than the day time. 

Additionally if you are reaching for a tasty snack late at night it’s likely you’re not going for a particularly healthy option either!

Eating late can upset your circadian rhythm – which insulin works alongside of – too. Your body is primed to be resting, repairing and fasting at nighttime and if you throw this off your body can become more resistant to insulin as well.

Don’t go to bed hungry

With all of the above being said, you still shouldn’t go to bed with a rumbling stomach. If you eat the right foods at the right time during the day then you’re not likely to find yourself genuinely hungry come nighttime. But if you do, don’t just ignore it. Instead use your hunger for good use. Pick a high protein snack such as cottage cheese, sliced chicken, a boiled egg or a handful of nuts, like almonds or walnuts to tied you over until the morning. 

Opting for a protein like these might not be as appealing as dipping your hand in the cookie jar, or grabbing a packet of crisps, but they can have a positive impact on your metabolism and actually aide weight loss unlike the processed food choices. 

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Cool down

It’s been suggested that sleeping in cooler conditions helps beat belly fat! So if you’re someone who loves nothing more than a balmy bedroom to send you off to sleep, here’s reason to rethink the temperature of your boudoir. 

Belly fat is white fat, and it’s the fat we want to reduce. Brown fat on the other hand boosts our metabolism and helps the body lose weight. 

Studies have shown that sleeping cold – not freezing though – can increase brown fat and therefore reduce belly fat.

Limit blue light exposure

Switching off your blue light emitting devices – tablets, phones, TV’s and computers – an hour or ideally, two, before bed won’t instantly make you burn more fat, but it will go a long way toward a more restorative and lengthy night’s sleep, which in turn makes weight control easier.

Too much screen time too close to bedtime can throw your circadian rhythm out of sync and impact your sleep pattern and metabolism. 

Pick up a book and read at bedtime or indulge in some restful mediation instead of binging on a box set.

If you’re eager to reset your circadian rhythm and start sleeping well for better health then you can add Lumity Day and Nighttime Supplements to your daily routine and start reaping all their benefits.

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