5 ways to feel younger and fitter in under a minute

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Most of us would like to feel a little fitter, stronger and a fair few years younger than we are right now. But with our busy lives of work, family, friends and home to fit in while self-isolating and adjusting to our new normal, it can be hard to find time to exercise and try out new beauty routines. So what’s the answer?

We’ve all got the odd minute to spare in our day for a touch of self-improvement and by using these precious minutes wisely, the result can be a more energetic and youthful version of yourself. Gradually, minutes build up into new healthier lifestyles. Try these rejuvenating quick tips…

The one-minute workout

You may wonder how much you can actually achieve in a minute, however, even short bursts of exercise can help one’s overall fitness. Set a 60 second timer for yourself and choose from one of the following: walk up and down the stairs for a minute; do a series of yoga sun salutations; jumping jacks and running on the spot with high knees; 30 seconds plank then 30 seconds mountain climbers. You’ll be surprised how energised you feel.

Kate Moss’ icy face bath

If it’s good enough for Kate Moss, then it’s good enough for us. The supermodel told W Magazine about her favourite beauty tip for refreshing her skin: dunking her face into a basin of ice-cold water. She said: “Those old school tricks work! With slices of cucumber and you just put your face in it and you definitely wake up. It definitely works, because all the blood comes to the surface.” Be brave and try it, then warm up with a cuppa.

Take your Lumity morning and night

It only takes a few seconds to take your healthy-ageing Lumity supplement twice a day, but the benefits last much longer. Lumity includes a nutrient rich dream team which includes vitamin A, iodine, zinc and selenium to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. The supplement also contains a ‘feel alive’ group of vitamins, including vitamin C and magnesium to combat tiredness and contribute to normal brain function. You’ll be young from the inside out.

Change your parting

It sounds so simple, but something as obvious as parting your hair on a different side can shave years off your look. Changing up your parting goes against the way your hair normally falls, thus increasing volume. Zigzag partings give a really funky, young look and add volume, while a slightly off-centre parting can chop years off your age too. Easy to do while on lockdown and the hairdressers are all closed.

Drink a vitamin-packed smoothie

It only takes a few second to throw a bunch of different fruits into a blender and create a delicious vitamin-packed smoothie. Keep a pack of nutrient-rich berries in your freezer just for smoothies and add a little grated ginger for an extra immune-boosting drink.

VIDEO: Make your own green super smoothie

Kale is a fabulous superfood to add, and a handful of oats will bulk up your breakfast smoothie providing added energy. You can add in some scrumptious flavours too, such as cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa powder or spoonful of plain yoghurt and a squirt of honey. Enjoy!

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