How to head towards zero-waste with your beauty regime – today!

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how to head towards a zero waste beauty regime
Going zero-waste with your beauty routine is no easy feat but there are some swaps you can make which will reduce the damage your beautifying is doing to the environment.


You’d have to have been hiding under a rock not to have heard about how our wasteful lifestyles are filling up the world’s landfills and polluting our oceans. But, our beauty routines don’t have to contribute to this.

If you feel like your bathroom bin is awash with plastic shampoo bottles, wet wipes and cotton buds you can adopt these simple swaps and reduce the environmental impact of your beauty regime.


Replace cotton wool pads with reusable ones


After removing your nail polish, taking off your makeup and applying a facial oil you inevitably end up with a pile of cotton pads. Investing in reusable ones is not only a good idea because it helps the environment, but because they’re actually much sturdier than throwaway ones, meaning they’ll do the job better too.

Once you’ve used them just pop them in the wash and voila! Zero-waste.


Swap plastic bottles for shampoo bars


You can now get shampoo in a bar and we don’t mean you can pick up a bottle in a watering hole!  Washing your hair with a bar of soap might feel old-fashioned but beauty technology has come a long way in recent years and shampoo bars are every bit as good as their liquid sisters.  The solid, and gorgeous smelling bars come infused with all the ingredients you need for whatever hair type you have. If you haven’t investigated in a while, there’s some fantastic toxin and cruelty free options around now. 


Invest in multi-purpose products


Finding a product that does more than one thing could significantly cut down on the amount of bottles you have on your shelves and later on in your bins. Take Lumity Facial Oil for instance. Not only is it an anti-ageing powerhouse, it can also be used as makeup, it’s great for taming fly away hair and it can help heal sunburn. On top of that it also comes in a glass bottle which is way better for the environment than plastic.


Use a sponge instead of wet wipes


Why not get a jump start on the government’s plans to eliminate wet wipes and pack yours away for good now. Single use wipes take years to break down so switch them up for a Konjac Sponge instead.

This ultimate Korean beauty tool cleanses the skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin too.

They also decompose once their month-long lifespan comes to an end.


Sharpen up your shaving skills


It’s name is a little ironic since safety razors are actually more likely to nick your skin if you don’t get the angle of your shave right. But once you get to grips with them they’ll give you a better shave. By opting for a razor which you just have to replace the blades on you’re not only generating less waste you’re probably saving money in the long run too.


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