5 ways to remember to take your vitamins

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If you struggle to remember to take your vitamins, here are 5 simple tips to help you out

Taking a daily Lumity supplement is a fantastic way of boosting your body’s levels of essential vitamins and nutrients. It sounds so simple, and it is, so long as you remember to take your capsules. While a twice-daily dose is a walk in the park for many, other people may forget to take their morning or evening Lumity if they’re relying purely on memory.

The capsule could be forefront in your mind one minute, then the next you’re thinking about a work project or the phone rings. Suddenly all thoughts of taking your supplement are forgotten.

If you’d like a little help remembering your regular Lumity times, these 5 tips can help…

Set an alarm

Just as you’d set an alarm for waking up, try setting one for taking your Lumity morning and night. It has to be the same time each day so you get into a pattern. When your alarm goes off, let it continue to ring until you have taken the supplement, then turn it off. It’s no use setting the alarm, turning it off then getting distracted by something else. You can go a step further and download a pill reminder app onto your smartphone which will also act as an alarm.

Keep them in a visible place

There’s that old expression ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and it certainly applies to taking vitamins. Put them away in the cupboard and it’s highly likely you’ll forget all about them. Place them on the counter next to your morning coffee or cereal packet and it’s far more probable you’ll remember to take them. Create yourself a helpful chart or calendar to tick off when you’ve taken a supplement so you can keep track.

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Carry them in your handbag

If your daily schedule changes frequently or you’re worried about missing a supplement and then being out all day, carrying your Lumity in your handbag could be a good solution. You can buy a tablet box which has a separate compartment for each day. There are numerous pill boxes on the market, so search online for a suitable one. Some portable pill boxes even have built in alarms and vibrate when it’s time to take your tablet.

Old-fashioned techniques

It may seem obvious but you can’t beat a simple note. Get yourself some large post-its and write a Lumity reminder on a few of them – stick them near where you keep your supplement… on the kitchen fridge or cupboard, on the bathroom door or on your bedside table, wherever works. Another helpful tip is to ask someone you live with to remind you to take Lumity. Two heads are better than one, after all. If you have a friend who takes Lumity too, pair up as vitamin buddies and send each other reminder texts.

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Have a trigger activity

Memory by association can work wonders for remembering to take your vitamins. Choose an activity, be it cleaning your teeth, washing the dishes or eating breakfast. Every time you do this, you need to take Lumity too. Soon the two activities will become so intertwined, taking your supplement at the same time will be second nature.

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