6 Ways wearing makeup to the gym doesn’t have to be a disaster

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6 ways to wear makeup to the gym
The last thing you need after a spin workout is your mascara running down your cheeks! We look at how to wear makeup to the gym without leaving looking like a mess. 


In high-end gyms across France, they have had in house hair and makeup salons for years now. It’s a lovely idea – you go and workout, have your shower and then a professional gives you a blow dry and a fresh face full of makeup and you leave looking preened and perfect. 

But for those of us who can barely find time to get to the gym, let alone have a make-over after our Pilates class, simply going to the gym with minimal beauty products on can be a good alternative. 

While wearing makeup to the gym might be considered a little vain, some of us don’t want to go completely bare-faced under the bright and unflattering lights of the weights room.

So to ensure the only thing running on the treadmill is you, we’ve asked some beauty and fitness experts to reveal their top tips for keeping up your cosmetic appearance at the gym.


Is wearing foundation to the gym a bad idea? 


Unless your only plan is to sit in the smoothie cafe at the gym there’s no point in wearing foundation. You may think by caking your face in concealer you’ll look better during your workout, but your skin will ultimately pay the price.

Skin facialist Andy Millar agrees that it is best to go bare-faced, but admits:  “If you absolutely have to have some skin coverage in the gym, then opt for either a lightweight tinted moisturiser or a light dusting of mineral powder.

“Just remember to cleanse the skin as soon as you’re finished so that bacteria and grime doesn’t stay on the skin.”


Should you wear sunscreen while exercising? 


Exercising in the fresh air can be so much more appealing than working out inside, especially if the sun is shining.

But this means lathering on the SPF which can get sweaty, and to be honest a little unsightly.

Luckily Rouge18 founder and avid outdoor runner, Amber Katz, has some great makeup tips to keep your skin safe and looking good.

“I love to wear a tinted moisturiser with high SPF because it’s lightweight but protects me,” she says.

Don’t forget to look after your lips too.

“Sunscreen-spiked tinted lip balms are great,” she adds. “Some of them come in a tiny versions I can slip into the pocket of my leggings to reapply on the go.”


Why eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a solid beauty investment 


Tinting your lashes and eyebrows can save an enormous amount of time AND it won’t run.

The completely painless service is offered in salons across the country and tints typically last between three and four weeks.

Fit4Mum’s Melissa Lorch says: “My job means I exercise everyday and the last thing I need to be doing is reapplying my brows and mascara in between every client, class or workout. Good brows can also distract from a multitude of other sins.”


Is there an alternative to wearing lipstick at the gym


Why not match those flushed cheeks with a bit of lip colour too. A good rouge tint can be brushed onto your pout and won’t smear.

Unlike a heavy lipstick the results are subtle and appropriate for the gym. Once your post workout glow begins to fade too you can apply it to your cheeks.

Even those women who claim they are brave enough to go completely bare-faced to the gym have a beauty secret or two up their sleeve.

‘The Follower of Fitness’ Sarah Wagland admits she sweats so much during a workout she doesn’t bother wearing any makeup. But since she loves the long lashed look mascara creates how does she achieve it without the actual product?

“I have individual eyelashes professionally applied every month so there’s no reason to wear mascara,” she admits. “I fake it!”


Why waterproof mascara is a gym bag essential 


Wearing waterproof mascara might sound like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many women leave a spin class with black stripes running down the

A hardcore workout can get pretty sweaty, but if you’re wearing the right mascara you can still keep your lashes looking lush.

KOBOX Trainer, Marciela swears by waterproof mascara.

“It’s great,” says the fitness fanatic who gets her workouts at the boutique boxing studios where she works. “I love the blue waterproof one for the gym and the non waterproof one when I’m not here.”


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