7 hacks to make your beauty products last longer

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If you want your favourite beauty products to last that little bit longer there are some quick and effective ways you can safely extend their life span.

Getting the most out of your products isn’t just good for your purse, it’s better for the environment too.

Eking out the shelf life of your much-loved moisturiser, foundation or lipstick is satisfying and it can be so simple at the same time.

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Scoop out your lipstick

Dig deep when you think your lipstick is dead and buried because there’s still loads left in the base of the tube and it’s easy to get to. Rather than turfing it in the bin just because it’s flat, either take a small lipstick brush and access the colour that way. Or you can even scoop out what’s left and put it in a small jar. Then you can apply it with a brush from there too.

Mix your foundation

You get so much more out of your foundation when you mix it with another product. Reduce the amount you use and add a drop of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil for a dewy, all-natural glow. Or you can try mixing it with some sunscreen as you’ll end up using less of both products but still get coverage. 

Use broken blush 

It’s annoying when you drop and break your blush but it definitely isn’t cause to chuck it away. Crush it up and transfer it into a different container and you can use it as a powder blush instead. 

Flip your felt tip eyeliner

All you need for this trick is a pair of tweezers.When your felt tip eyeliner dries up, more often than not you can pull out the tip, flip it around and reinsert it so it’s like you have a brand new pen on your hands.

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Use a toothpaste key

A cheap and cheerful way to get everything out of one of your tube based beauty products is by investing in a toothpaste key. They only cost a few pounds and once you start squeezing you’ll wonder where this gem has been all your life. You’ll also be shocked at just how many more applications are in the tube you normally would have thrown away. 

Thin it out

To get to that stubborn bit of foundation or liquid highlighter you can just add a little oil. Try dropping some Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil into the container or even some vitamin E oil. This will loosen up the product, refresh it and make it much easier to access. 

Make your lip gloss last

While you should never add water to your products to boost their longevity a cup of warm water will do wonders for that annoying last bit of lip gloss stuck around the inside of the tube. Place the closed gloss into the cup containing the warm water and when you remove it the applicator will more easily be able to pick up the contents. 

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