7 steps to instant inner calm

-Apr 22, Jenny Paul , Mind -

Whatever’s causing you to worry there are ways to tap into your inner calm and instantly feel better. 

It can be hard to keep calm when stress, fear, family woes or finances are playing on your mind, but it’s important to give your body and mind a break from the pressures of life by learning to level yourself out. 

We know staying calm, and carrying on is easier said than done, but to better your health, heart and happiness try doing the following when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

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1. Walk

Get the blood pumping and release the feel good endorphins with a brisk walk. Exercise is incredible for reducing stress, and if you opt for physical activity outside you’ll get the added bonus of the fresh air to help calm you down too. 

Clear your head and focus on your surroundings and bring a little optimism back into your life. 

2. Breathe

Tension can be released by breathing deep and getting more oxygen into your body. Simply taking a few long, deep breathes during a stressful moment can work well. But there are also other breathing techniques you can learn for whenever you feel under pressure or panicked. 

3. Talk to a friend

Venting your frustrations or concerns to a friend is a great way to let off steam. Rather than bottling up all those emotions, share them with a loved one. Spending time with somebody who makes you laugh or whose company you enjoy can boost the happy hormone, oxytocin and if you can’t physically meet them, pick up the phone for a chat instead.

4. Laugh

A good giggle will make everything feel better. Laughter really can be medicinal so dig out a Youtube clip which makes you laugh, watch a funny film or call a friend who has you in stitches. 

It’ll de-stress you in no time and calm a frantic situation.

5. Distraction

When you’re worked up it’s hard to focus on anything other than what’s causing your blood pressure to rise and your mind to boggle. But instead of letting those negative thoughts eat away at you, stop them in their track and try to think of or do something else instead. 

Jump up and get out for a walk, pick up a good book or belt out your favourite tune and breaking the negative cycle with distraction.

6. Give back

Stress can make you feel incredibly isolated, but you need genuine connections with others in order to feel calmer. Take a moment to do something for someone else. It could be a micro-moment of positivity such as a smile or a compliment, alternatively it could be a grander gesture. But by giving back you’ll instantly feel happier as well as putting your woes on the backburner for a bit. 

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7. Get creative

Creative repetition can create calm, which is why adult colouring books have become so popular. So even if you’re so far from a Picasso it’s not funny, pick up a pen, paintbrush or art instrument and let the create juices flow. 

You can also combat stress and anxiety you might be feeling at the minute which will give your immune system a big boost too.

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