7 Ways to become a morning exerciser when you’re not a morning person

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Experts say that the best time to workout is first thing in the morning. But what if you're a night owl? Here's how to become a morning exerciser!
Making time to work up a sweat can be tricky and if you don’t get it out of the way first thing in the morning by the time evening rolls round you’re often too tired or you’re bogged down with the day’s demands to bother.

It makes sense to get your daily dose of exercise done before the day really gets started, however that’s easier said than done though if you simply aren’t a morning person. 

You can make a few simple changes though and you might just discover that AM exercise can work for you.

Make a Date

It’s easier to stick to a plan when you’re doing it with someone else. If you make a date to workout with a friend you’ll probably feel worse about letting them down than if it’s just yourself you’re cancelling on. So plan a morning run, walk or class with a friend 

“Exercising in a group  or with somebody else is motivating,” Fit4Mum’s Melissa Lorch tells Lumity. “You add an element of competition and support and it’s more enjoyable too.”

Use an App

You don’t even have to leave the house to get some exercise. There are so many incredible online fitness programs – such as Melissa’s ‘Feel Great in 28’ –  or apps you can use to get in shape. 

If getting out of the house to exercise just isn’t an option in the morning then bring the gym to you. You’d be amazed what a great workout you can get in, in just 30-minutes at home. It’s also a lot less daunting than the thought of a pre-work gym commute too!

Create a Routine

You take your Lumity Morning Supplements, you brush your teeth, you exercise and then you shower.  Sounds so simple right? Making exercise part of your routine actually makes it easier to fit in. Get your head into a mindset where being active is just part of your day.  Before long it’ll become habitual and you won’t think twice about leaping out of bed to fit in some fitness. 

Have Fun

Chose an exercise you like doing. It’s drudgery to drag yourself to a spin class when you can’t stand cycling or to pull on your running shoes when jogging makes you miserable. 

“Find something you enjoy,” says Melissa. “You are far more likely to make the effort to do it in the first place and to stick to it too.”

Waking up to work out won’t seem like a chore if you like what you’re doing!

Sleep Better

It’s easier to get out of bed when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. By putting in the work to reset your circadian rhythm – in other words your body clock – you’ll get more quality kip and in turn have time to squeeze in some exercise in the AM. Remembering to take your Lumity Night Supplement and switching off all devices like your phone or the TV at least a half hour before you want to sleep should help you drift off.  

Get Yourself Pumped

Sometimes the harsh beeping of your alarm is enough to make you drag the covers back over your head and press snooze. Instead set your phone alarm to a song that gets you raring to go. 

“Music can be so motivating,” Melissa explains. “Just as a good song can keep you going in a class or on the treadmill so can it give you the boost to get started in the first place.”

So say bye, bye to beep beep and hello Rocky Theme tune.

Start Small

If you’re not a morning person, don’t expect to become one overnight. “It’s ok to start small,” says Melissa. “Promise yourself you’ll get 10-minutes of exercise done each morning to begin with. When you achieve that goal you’ll feel good about yourself and want to do it again. You may even find that one you’ve done that 10-minutes you feel motivated to keep going.”

If this has inspired you, Nadia Narain’s 5-minute yoga video for energy will be a wonderful way to get yourself into the habit of working out in the morning. Or try her calming 10-minute yoga routine in the evening after a long day.

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