7 ways you might accidentally be ageing your skin

-Aug 6, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

You keep out of the sun and use your anti-ageing products religiously but you can’t seem to keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay. So what are you doing wrong? Here are 7 ways you might be ageing your skin without even realising it.

We wish keeping wrinkles at bay was as easy as counting to ten, but the reality is as we age it becomes harder to keep our skin looking youthful. There are however some super simple things you could start or stop doing which would significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

You don’t wear sunscreen EVERY day

You lather on the SPF when the sun is shining but that’s not enough to maintain your youthful complexion. Sun is the primary source of premature ageing your skin and it can reach you even when it’s cloudy and even snowing, so it’s imperative you put your sunscreen on every day no matter what the weather.

Forgetting your neck and hands

Wrinkly hands will give away your age in a heartbeat even if your face is smooth and line-free. Often women are so concerned about their complexions that they forget about the other areas of the bodies that are exposed to the damaging effects of the environment on a regular basis.  When you apply a product like Lumity Facial Oil, ensure you massage your neck and hands with it as well. When you are putting SPF on your face, don’t forget to put it on your hands. 

If you need tips for smoothing your neck skin, we have put together a list of tips. 

Sleeping in your makeup

After a busy day it’s easy to fall straight into bed without taking off your makeup, but it does more harm to your skin than you might realise. Skipping your nightly cleanse leaves all the environmental toxins from the day lingering on your skin and invading your pores. Breakouts always tend to appear when we least ant them so take the time to clean your face before you hit the hay.

You don’t have patience

It can be frustrating not to get immediate results from your beauty products but you need to give them time to work their magic. Too many women jump ship on their new moisturiser or oil before it’s had time to do its job. Most products need at least a month to make a difference and you likely won’t see the full results of an anti-ageing product for a further three. But stick with the right product and you won’t regret it.

Not sleeping enough

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your health, your mood and it’s imperative for great skin too. A lack of proper rest can prematurely age your skin and leave you with a dry and dull complexion. Dark circles under your eyes age you too. When you sleep your skin cells have the time to repair and rejuvenate so if you’re not getting enough time in bed your skin can’t keep up.

Your showers are too hot

Relaxing in a lovely hot shower feels great but it doesn’t do good things for your skin. A hot shower can strip your skin of essential moisture and healthy oils. So instead soap up under warm water and your skin will thank you for it.

Eating too much sugar

Sugar isn’t just bad for your waistline it’s bad for your skin too. Too much sugar can leave your skin weak, discolored and cause it to lose it’s elasticity. If you continue to regularly overindulge in cakes, sugary drinks and alcohol you’ll likely end up with wrinkly, saggy and less radiant skin.


If you’ve just read this article you’re already on your way to better skin, but why try the bespoke Nichola Joss facial massage and get to grips with some facial yoga too.

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