Crazy but effective beauty hacks for hot weather

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8 crazy but effective hacks for hot weather

They might sound crazy but these unusual beauty hacks could be the key to you keeping your cool when temperatures start rising.

Warm weather is great for boosting your mood, but it can also put a dampener on your beauty routine.

From fake tan fails to some seriously sandy situations we’ve got some fabulous and rather unique tips to solve your beauty problems and ensure the hot weather doesn’t get the better of you or your body.

Baby powder to shake off sand

Trying to get sand off your body after a lovely long day at the beach can feel like a never ending chore. This is where baby powder comes into the mix. The sand is normally stuck to you due to the excess moisture on your skin – think water, sweat or sunscreen . By sprinkling powder onto your body  the moisture is absorbed making wiping off the sand so much easier.

Deodorant to sweat-proof your blow-dry

Styling your hair in the heat can get you all hot and bothered so before you reach for the hairdryer apply a powder deodorant to the back of your neck. Do this 10 minutes before you plan to blow-dry your locks and it’ll curb the perspiration in the same way it would when used under your arms.

Aloe vera ice cubes for sunburn

It’s easy to miss a spot or forget to reapply your sunscreen and when this happens you can end up with a painful and unsightly case of sunburn. To soothe the rosy areas have a tray of frozen aloe vera gel ice cubes on hand. Rubbing one or two of them on the sunburned areas will immediately help soothe it.

Put oil on razors

Nicks on your legs from shaving don’t look great with your new sun dress so to avoid your razors from going rusty and causing tiny cuts cover the blades with a drop of Lumity’s facial oil between uses. (This multi-tasking oil is also a wonder to massage into your legs).

Tame frizz with a toothbrush

It turns out a toothbrush isn’t just for your pearly whites. If you want to tame pesky flyaway hair then grab a toothbrush – preferably not the one you still use for your teeth – and spritz it with hairspray. Run the brush along your hairline, parting and around the ears to smooth stray hairs.

Lemon juice and baking powder for fake tan fails

If you suffer a fake tan faux pas it’s likely you wish you’d just embraced your legs’ natural . But if you do end up with unsightly patches or palms the colour of an oompa loompa you can quite easily solve the problem by mixing up a thick paste from lemon juice and baking powder. Massage it into the skin and leave for ten minutes. The lemon will lighten the stains and the baking powder makes for a great exfoliator.

Teabags for bikini rash

Bikini rash can put a real dampener on your day by the pool . To soothe the spotty red rash place chamomile teabags around the bikini line. Leave them on the rash for a few minutes to soothe and lessen the appearance of the irritated skin.


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