8 Simple ways to get you in the mood for exercise

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8 ways to get you in the mood for exercise
When you’re tired, stressed or just really comfortable on the sofa it can be a challenge to convince yourself you’ll feel better if you got up and exercised. Don’t worry though we have got all the get up and go you’ll need…


Half – if not way more – of the battle of working out is getting the initial motivation to just get up and do it! It’s so easy to convince yourself your body needs to rest, you’ll do it tomorrow or you’d rather watch TV.

But instead of caving in to your cozy self conscious why not try some of these simple tips to get you into the mood to work up a sweat.

How music gets you in the mood to work out


Not only does the right music put you in a good mood it makes you want to move. Pump up the volume in your living room and before you know’ll have found that energy to exercise that you thought you didn’t have.


The simple trick to get yourself to the gym


One is better than none! That’s Fit4mum founder Melissa Lorch’s philosophy.

“Give yourself an escape route and you’ll probably end up going the distance,” she says. “Tell yourself that if you complete 10 minutes you can stop. I bet you’ll find you do three times that.”

Melissa also points out that you don’t have to do all 30 minutes of your workout in one go. You might find breaking it down into 10 minute slots throughout the day is more manageable and less daunting.


Why having a gym buddy can really up your motivation 


You wouldn’t cancel a dinner date without a good excuse and the same goes for making plans to meet up with a friend for a workout.

“Exercising in a group is motivating,” says Melissa. “It’s competition, support and more fun.”

If you make a couple of exercise dates a week you’ll likely stick to them rather than risk looking flakey.


How simply putting on your workout clothes can really help


Take your work clothes off and put your workout clothes on. Just as putting a suit on can make you raring to go for a business meeting, pulling on your fitness gear can inspire you to exercise. It’s also doubtful you’ll want to sit around in activewear all day without actually doing some exercise.


Get yourself an accountability coach 


The more people you tell your workout plans to the more accountable you are to actually do it. Melissa says: “You’ll feel way better about yourself if someone asks ‘how was your workout?’ and you can say ‘great’. Rather than having to explain over and over that you didn’t actually do it.”


Trying a new workout can work wonders 


If just the thought of pounding the pavements or the treadmill for 45 minutes bores you, it’s might be time to switch things up. If you think you’re in an exercise rut, find a class you’ve never taken before or swap your yoga mat for a bike. It’s fun to try something new.


Hiring a trainer isn’t as expensive as you think 


Sometimes it takes a bit of tough love to get moving. If you’ve tried everything to get motivated or even to get your exercise mojo back then hiring a professional could be the key.

People rarely push themselves to their limits, but a good trainer will get the very best out of you and your body.

A good gym session full of encouragement can boost you physically and mentally. Once the session is over and you are still buzzing, book yourself in for your next one!


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