Rock your age: A-List tips for ageless beauty

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Ageless beauty has officially arrived and wrinkles are now seen as a badge of honour, rather than something to hide. Getting older isn’t the way it used to be – thanks to a vast wealth of health, medical and beauty knowledge out there now, we’re all looking fabulous and feeling more fantastic as each decade ticks by.

There’s a whole army of women who are busy spearheading a revolution in the way we see ageing and rocking their age.

We recently profiled several Instagram stars who are at the forefront of the ageless beauty revolution, but at the A-list end of the spectrum, we have Halle Berry (50), Elizabeth Hurley (52), Cindy Crawford (51), Christie Brinkley (63) and others (like Helen Mirren) all providing rock solid proof that getting older is more fun, and looks better than being young.

The secrets of ageless beauty


We decided to have a look at the lifestyle tips these fabulous women swear by to look and feel great…


Ageless Beauty
One of Elle MacPherson’s secrets of ageless beauty is running barefoot on the beach, or on grass if you aren’t near the sea


Courteney Cox and Cindy Crawford’s fab abs plan


Courteney Cox and Cindy Crawford are both big fans of Pilates for retaining their core muscle strength and in turn their fabulous figures. As we get older we can find our energy levels tend to drop but this doesn’t mean we should stop exercising. Instead of doing as much exercise as you can it is better to do the right exercise for your body.

Pilates gives you the ability to build lean muscle tissue throughout the body, thus enabling us to burn calories even when we’ve finished our exercise session. Perfect for those who want to exercise effectively without running out of stamina.


Halle Berry’s endless energy secret


To keep her energised and looking radiant on set all day, Halle Berry always starts her day with a protein shake. She includes plenty of green vegetables such as spinach, which is rich in iron, to make sure she keeps her energy levels are supported throughout the day. Try this recipe if you want one that tastes good, rather than green and mean.


Christie Brinkley’s glowing skin trick


Christie Brinkley, 63, has revealed that one of the golden rules of her diet is to eat a range of different coloured fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Shona Wilkinson, who is a nutritionist, explains why we should be eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables ourselves, ‘’You need to consume a wide variety of foods daily in order to provide yourself with all of the vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients necessary for optimum functioning. Aim to consume a rainbow of variety of fruit and vegetables per day, ideally between 8-12 servings. Include some raw foods in these servings daily as they are full of enzyme activity.”

Davina McCall’s easy diet swap

Halle Berry and Davina McCall have both spoken about how they have gone sugar free in order to improve their diets as they hit their fifties. They both make sure the only sugars in their diet are natural ones.

Sugar can play a huge part in the premature ageing process, affecting your teeth, skin, weight and, as well as causing wrinkles via a process known as glycation, can even be linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s. If you’re trying to stave off the effects of ageing, it is worth either reducing or cutting sugar out of your diet.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK’s leading Women’s Natural Health Expert and author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, explains how we can replace sugar with naturally sweet alternatives: “You can add sweetness to foods in other ways. For example, you could add carrots, raisins, dates, figs or bananas as natural sweeteners. Many people now make wonderful cakes from naturally sweet vegetables such as beetroot and carrot.”

Liz Hurley’s metabolism-revving trick


Liz Hurley is known for her love of lemon-infused hot water for staying in shape, and she’s definitely on to something. Shona Wilkinson from Superfood UK explains, “Lemons are great to add to a glass of water and are often recommended for helping digestion. This is due to lemons helping the liver produce bile which helps keep food moving through the digestive tract. Lemon water stimulates the liver which is responsible for flushing out toxins”.


Try replacing your normal cup of tea or coffee with a cup of lemon and hot water for a natural daily detox.

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