A simple step-by-step guide to becoming a happy and organised morning person

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If your mornings are usually chaotic, leaving you little time to find outfits or even have breakfast, we've come up with an easy to follow plan!
How you begin your day can make a massive difference to how the rest of it pans out. We all have those mornings where we accidently forget to press snooze and end up rushing and arriving at work in completely the wrong headspace. It can feel very difficult to come back from that and find joy and balance in the rest that we do. We’ve come up with a few simple steps to help you start your days feeling happy and full of energy.

Being prepared can change your morning!

Yes, evenings are all about winding down or seeing friends. But it’s amazing how five minutes spent preparing for the next day can seem to save fifteen minutes in the morning. Make it a habit to check your clothes for the morning are ironed, your bag is packed and you actually know where your keys are. If you know your evenings are a write off – because of kids or social obligations – then do it at the weekend. Prepping five outfits at once will take no time but if disaster hits in the morning then just having to throw on something you know works – and is ironed and looks good – will feel like a godsend! Remember to include accessories and think about your footwear too – after checking the long term weather forecast of course.

If you work out in the morning then make sure your gym clothes are clean and ready to go and your gym bag packed – including your hair brush. If needs be, buy duplicates of makeup so you can pack the bits you need rather than have to remember to do first thing. It may be an initial expense but in the long run but might just save your sanity!

Give your body a healthy start

It’s one of the most common tips given by models and wellness gurus, but there is a really good reason to start your day with a mug of hot water and a squeeze of lemon juice says nutritional therapist Karen Alexander, “This is so easy but really supports your liver function and will boost your hydration, it’s a brilliant way to start your day.”

In fact, breakfast is the perfect time to give your body a boost for the day ahead so it doesn’t just make you feel good but it gives you a psychological boost too, “If you can get as much of the good stuff in at the beginning of the day you are off to a good start and will probably find it easier to make wise choices later in the day too. Try and include some vegetables and fruit as well as protein in your breakfast,” Karen suggests.

First thing in the morning is the perfect time to take your three morning Lumity supplements as you can most easily establish a routine before the demands of the day take over. Keeping your Lumity morning capsules near your kettle means you can take them while you wait for it to boil, or perhaps station them by your toothbrush so you have a reminder to take them before you head out for the day.

Meal prep your breakfast

Of all the meals you eat in a day, breakfast is probably the one you give the least attention to, yet it’s as important as the others! But introducing some variety is not as hard as you think with a little meal prep. “It’s so easy to freeze ahead breakfasts so in the morning you can just grab and go,” says Caroline Hartley from The Happy Food Kitchen. “Making up smoothie bags with a selection of fruits, seeds, spinach and other greens is quick and easy and means you can just blitz them with some water or nut milk first thing – no need to even defrost.”

And you can also make ahead breakfasts at the weekend – or once a month – to just defrost overnight. “Try things like sugar-free breakfast muffins if you aren’t a big fan of breakfasts to provide you with goodness on the go,” suggests Caroline. “Baked oats a great way of freezing ahead a ‘portable’ porridge which can easily be reheated and flavoured with fruits or cocoa even if you want chocolate for breakfast! Make a selection of different flavours and when cooled simply wrap in portions to freeze. If you don’t have that freezing space then making some jars of chia seed pudding or overnight oats to add different toppings to daily to ring the changes is also quick and simple. It takes the same amount of time to make five breakfasts as it does one!”

If you are more of a cereal and toast person that’s ok but make life easy by getting everything out ready the night before will make the morning feel a breeze and give you a little more time for your brain to engage.

Find it hard to remember to take your Lumity in the morning? Don’t worry, we have come up with a simple method so you’ll never forget again! And, if you have a spare five minutes before you leave the house, try this incredible facial massage that was designed by skincare expert Nichola Joss for you to use with Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil.

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