A step-by-step guide to a spa worthy pedicure from home

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Perfectly polished nails and soft, smooth feet make sandal wearing so much sweeter, so here’s how you can give yourself a spa worthy foot makeover so your feet look gorgeous when self-isolation is over and you finally leave the house.

Not having time for a professional pedicure shouldn’t mean you have to put that cute pair of peep toes to the back of your wardrobe. With these easy steps you can take your tootsies into your own hands with a DIY pedicure from the comfort of your own home.

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You don’t want to be dashing around the house with wet feet searching for your nail varnish or realising mid way through your relaxing foot soak that you don’t have a towel. 

So make sure you have all your supplies to hand before you get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

 – cotton wool pads

 – nail polish remover

 – nail clippers

 – a large bowl of warm water with salts (big enough to put your feet in)

 – emory board

 – cuticle pusher

 – cuticle remover

 – towel

 – pumice stone or foot file

 – exfoliating scrub

 – moisturiser

 – nail polish base coat, polish and top coat

Remove Old Polish

You’ll want to start your pedicure with a clean slate so that means getting rid of the old polish that’s on your nails. Gently remove it with the cotton wool pads and the nail polish remover. Sometimes the polish can be stubborn and you may have to hold the saturated pad on the nail for a while to help shift it. Although acetone free polish removers won’t dry you nails out as much they don’t work so well on dark colours, so bare that in mind when you’re choosing a remover too.

Cut and File 

Next it’s time to trim and file the nails. Investing in high quality nail-clippers is a good idea so that you get a sharp, clean cut and avoid jagged edges. 

Cut straight across your toenails to lessen the chances of getting an ingrown toenail and ensure you don’t cut the nail too short.

Equally don’t let the nail extend over the tip of your toe. 

Rather than clipping the sides of the nails, try filing them instead with an emery board – avoid metal ones – after filing and smooth the top of the nail. 


Now for the relaxing part. To soften the skin you’ll want to soak your feet in some warm water which you can add some Epsom salts to or throw in some of your favourite essential oils. Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes. More if you’ve got particularly dry or cracked skin. Once you’re finished remove your feet and place them on a towel.

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Care for Cuticles

While the skin is still soft you can gently care for your cuticles. Apply a cuticle remover to the bottom of each nail and rub it in. Olive oil works well if you don’t have a remover. 

Take the cuticle pusher and carefully push where the nail meets the skin all around the nail. 

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Foot scrub

If you’re ticklish you have been warned. Unfortunately hard skin can really build up in the summer time when you’re wearing sandals a lot so you’ll want to give your feet a good scrub to get rid of it. 

Apply your exfoliating scrub to a pumice stone or a wet foot file and scrub the bottoms of your feet, paying extra attention to the areas like the heels and balls of the foot which can get particularly dry and rough. 

Don’t scrub too hard, but apply enough pressure that you can smooth away the dry skin. 


Moisture your feet thoroughly by massaging them with the moisturiser, top and bottom.  You could even rub a little Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil into the cuticles for a hydrating boost too. 

Paint the nails

The polish won’t go on easily if your nails are still oily so first remove any excess oil with acetone remover. 

To apply the base coat you’ll only need to brush with three strokes. One straight down the middles and one on either side. Don’t go too low and end up painting the cuticle. 

Once it’s dried apply two coats of your polish in the same way as the base coat and use any remaining polish on the brush to cover the front edge of the nails to prevent chipping.

Complete the nail polishing process with a top coat and leave them to dry for half an hour to avoid smudging. The perfect excuse to sit back and read a good book!

Don’t forget that Lumity’s Morningand Night supplements help build strong, healthy nails.

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