A top makeup artist’s guide to the ultimate Valentine’s Day look

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Valentine's Day is the perfect reason to rework your makeup. Candice Meggan tells Lumity her top tips for a perfect look that will work for everyone.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to rework your makeup and try out a new look. One of the beauty industry’s premiere professionals, Candice Meggan, tells Lumity her top tips for a perfect look that will work for everyone.

Whether you’re prepping for a romantic dinner, a cosy night in front of the TV or you are hitting the town with your friends why not get a little glam and try out this Valentine’s beauty look by makeup artist Candice Meggan.

“If it’s a natural no makeup makeup look or a sexy smoky eye with a bold red lip one thing’s for sure, starting with great skincare is the basis of a healthy glowing complexion,” she tells Lumity. “It is vital to prep your skin properly because when you are tired or stressed a loss of lipids can allow moisture to evaporate from your skin, leaving it looking dry, flaky and dull.”

Here’s what she suggests this Valentine’s Day.


Prep your skin by layering your skincare. Start with a hyaluronic acid serum, then a few drops of Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and, if you want, your moisturiser on top of that. 


Add a drop or two of Lumity Facial Oil to your foundation to create a tinted moisturiser. Use an illuminator as a primer or mixed in with your foundation.


Curling your eyelashes really opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake. Try curling your lashes before you go to bed and then again in the morning before applying a few layers of mascara. Layer your mascara for a more dramatic look.


Be bold this Valentines day and try bright graphic colours on your eyes, or opt for a classic smokey eye but don’t be afraid of a little colour, it keeps your look fresh. If you’re not comfortable with colour on your eyes then opt for a pale nude shadow on your lids with lashings of mascara and keep the focus on your eyes. Use a liquid blusher to give you a dewey flush of colour buffed out with a medium fluffy powder brush. Then lightly dust your cheekbones and high-points with a highlighter, buffing it out with a clean fluffy powder brush to give you that glow from within. 


Create a brushed up bushy brow, it lifts the eyes. Use a spooley and brush your brows in an upward motion using a product like Soapbrows or a clear brow gel and let them set. Then with a really skinny brow pencil fill in any gaps with soft strokes through the brow. Keep the strokes soft and in an upward motion as you don’t want any heavy hard lines just a fresh bushy boy brow!  


Make sure you have soft, kissable lips by using a lip scrub. Start with some brown sugar and a few drops of Lumity Facial Oil mixed in and buff this in a soft circular motion over your lips. Wipe off any excess sugar and dab a small amount of Lumity Skin Nutrients on your lips. Apply your gloss, lipstick or balm and you’re ready for your Valentine’s date or a night out on the town with your friends!

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