These clever adaptogens could help to boost your libido naturally

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boost your libido naturally
Feeling passionate about your relationship and feeling the love between the sheets are two very different things. But a healthy partnership more often than not needs both. So what do you do if you WANT to want sex, but you just don’t physically feel like it?

As we get older and deal with the stress of life it’s no secret that our libidos tend to suffer. If you’ve fallen into bed at the end of a long day of dealing with work, children and just life in general it’s likely you will just want to pass out with exhaustion rather than get frisky.

And, it’s not just women who tend to notice a drop of their sex drive as they hit their 40s, men do too – often due to falling levels of certain hormones, or just plain old stress.

But, rather than feel slightly guilty, is there anything that we can actually do about it, and is there anything natural that we can take to help?

The short answer is yes, and adaptogenic herbs in particular are brilliant for low libidos as they aid our body’s ability to deal with stress and they also boost mood.

They’re safe and completely natural so are non addictive.

What the experts say about low libido

“There’s a lot of confusion and guilt around this topic and it can make you just want to brush it under the rug,” explains sociologist and sexologist, Jennifer Gunsaullus.

“But your partner may feel hurt by the lack of physical intimacy and it can negatively impact the deep connection of your relationship.

“Sexual intimacy is a powerful way for couples to build and maintain their love and nurturing, and can provide the juice needed to keep working through problems, so it’s imperative you don’t ignore it.”

What can be done to improve sex drive naturally? 

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to a lack of sexual desire. Reducing stress and improving your diet and exercise have been proven to help stimulate feelings of lust, but there are also some herbal tools that have been shown to give a bit of a boost in the bedroom too.

So while you work on discovering why you’ve lost that loving feeling it might be worth checking out these natural remedies.

7 natural adaptogens that are said to help boost libido naturally 

Ashwaganda Root

The Karma Sutra itself identifies this herb for it’s ability to ignite passion and desire. It’s an adaptogen that is also said to up satisfaction by increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs making the whole act of sex a more intense experience.

Maca Root

This Peruvian plant is yet another adaptogen that has been the focus of countless sex-enhancing studies and the evidence suggests it works. It’s still not known WHY it increases a person’s sex drive, however. It doesn’t contain plant hormones or work by increasing levels of sex hormones like estrogen or testosterone.

But since Maca is also believed to be an aphrodisiac, an energy promoter and an all round nutritional powerhouse it’s certainly worth considering. You’ll need to let Maca build up in your system for at least six weeks before it starts working.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is another adaptogenic herb that has a long history of supporting sexual function and desire but it’s also been shown to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety; all of which can have a negative impact on a woman’s sex drive in the first place.

Avena Sativa

Arena Sativa means “wild oats” in Latin and due to it’s effects on sexual stimulation it may well have sparked the phrase “sowing your wild oats”. The plant is also referred to as oat straw or oat extract.

As you age your sex hormone, testosterone becomes increasingly bound up. Avena has been found to encourage freeing up of the hormone to support a healthy sex drive. With testosterone boost comes higher energy levels too, so ‘I’m too tired’ need not be an excuse anymore.

Tongkat Ali

Dr. Oz famously branded Tongkat Ali the greatest natural aphrodisiac. It’s yet another stress-fighting adaptogen. It’s benefits have long been associated with men, but women can benefit from it too. It has been shown to support hormone balance, boost testosterone, reduce fatigue and improve overall wellbeing.  Research shows it also reduces production of Cortisol – the stress hormone.

Muira Puama

This herb has been dubbed the ‘potency wood’. Studies have shown women who use it have increased libido ands sexual enjoyment as well as intensified orgasms. It’s not just an adaptogenic herb for young people either. It has positive effects on both pre and post-menopausal sexual experiences.


This potent aphrodisiac doesn’t just stimulate libido in real life, it can give you erotic dreams too. It has been used for years in its native Brazil. And it is in fact so legendary for its natural aphrodisiac qualities over there that multiple folk songs have been sung about it – many of them dating back several centuries.

There’s a lot of other beliefs surrounding Catuaba with regard to it helping to grow certain body parts to near god like sizes. However, we aren’t quite sure that these claims have been scientifically proven yet.  Research has determined that Catuaba increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, resulting in more sensitivity to erogenous stimulation.

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