Alex Light tells us her top summer beauty hacks

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Alex Light's best beach beauty hacks

Summer is here and so is the deadline for looking your absolute best now the world is coming out of months of isolation. Top fashion & beauty influencer, Alex Light who also has a popular column in Britain’s HELLO! Magazine, has given us her best summer beauty tips. 

You’ve worked hard on your at home workouts and you’ve found the perfect summer wardrobe online, but once you actually set foot outside in the hot weather it can feel like it was all for nothing.

Sweat plays havoc with your hair, the heat makes your make-up melt and the suncream you’ve bought makes you look like a ghost.

So it’s lucky we’ve got the amazing beauty and fashion blogger Alex Light on board to give Lumity her top beauty hacks for looking your absolute best this summer. 

How to simplify your make-up

You know mascara, eyeliner and foundation are a bad idea with the heat , but you can’t face going completely bare-faced, so what do you do?

Alex swears by these two tips: “I like to get my eyelashes tinted and lifted ahead of going away (the treatment is called LVL) – this mimics the look of mascara without the effort! You can also use a BB cream (beauty balm) over your sunscreen for a light veil of make-up to hide blemishes.” 

Indulge in some pampering

When it comes to prepping yourself for summer people often start taking care of the big things, like diet and exercise, well ahead of time. But there are some little things that can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel that can be done just a day or two before you hit the sand.
Alex says: “Aside from the eyelash tint and lift that I mentioned, a spray tan does wonders for your self-esteem! As does a wax and an eyebrow reshaping.”

How to tame summer hair 

You don’t want to spend an age straightening or curling your locks, but all too often the casual ‘summer hair’ you’ve been trying to achieve more closely resembles a scarecrow’s.  Alex says you don’t have to give up and hide your hair under a hat all the time though.

“I love applying a lightweight hair oil to keep frizz at bay,” she suggests. “But if you do want to embrace your beachy waves, apply some John Frieda Salt Spray and scrunch for that effortless look. Also if you get an unfortunately case of sunburn on your scalp applying Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil can help heal the skin.”

Don’t sweat it

The sunshine feels amazing on your skin, the problem is it can cause your make-up to melt off you. If you’re hitting a bar rather than relaxing in the garden at home, you might wear a bit more make-up, in which case Alex has these tips for making it stick.

Invest in an oil-free primer, oil-blotting sheets and make-up products with silicone (this increases their wear on skin). If you have oily skin, make sure your complexion is balanced out with a toner before applying make-up.

How to go from day to night in summer

It is possible to go from a day in the park to a bar without having to go home and primp and prep yourself. If you don’t want to look a mess, try doing these three things. “I suggest a lick of mascara,” says Alex. “A sheer lipstick and a bit of blush – or something like the Glossier Cloud Paint could do both of the latter.”

Avoid these summer beauty blunders

What might suit one person might not work for another, but Alex says there are some absolutely ‘no-no’s’ for everyone when it comes to looking beautiful in the heat. 

“You should avoid wearing heavy make-up that will literally melt off in the sunshine,” she says. “Opt for lightweight tinted moisturisers, or BB creams. Regular mascaras will run so opt for a waterproof one. Also avoid powders at all costs!”

To conclude we asked Alex what five items she would take on a summer weekend away so she looked her best?

salt spray for effortless beach waves.

– a tinted lip balm (I like the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint in Bare Pink Sparkle)

SPF!! Not sexy, I know, but it’s the one thing we 100% need to keep us looking our best in the long run! I can’t stress it enough.

– a shimmering body oil (I like the Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil). On top of sun screen, of course! 

– a Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick to give cheeks a wash of sheer colour.

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