Anti-ageing vitamins – should you be taking them?

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We delve into the world of anti-ageing supplements to find out what you should be taking and when.

There’s a whole host of different anti-ageing products and formulas that supposedly restore that youthful glow we all want in our skin. But, as much as a refreshing toner might make our skin feel clean and fresh and an anti-ageing moisturiser keep it soft and supple, combatting accelerated ageing in our skin starts from within. If you’re unhealthy or lacking in essential nutrients on the inside, its likely to radiate outwards to your skin. So, whilst anti-ageing facial oils are necessary to lock in moisture, working your anti-ageing skincare routine from the inside out, is what’s really going to revitalise a tired, sallow complexion.

What are the best anti-ageing vitamins?

Anti-ageing vitamins are essential nutrients that will work around the clock to ensure that your skin is looking and feeling its best. When it comes to taking supplements for healthy skin, the best vitamins for your skin include:

Vitamin E – known at the dry skin defender, this is one of the best vitamins for healthy skin. Packed full of powerful fat-soluble antioxidants, this vitamin helps skin to retain its moisture, meaning healthy, glowing skin and soft, smooth lips.

Vitamin C – Amongst supplements for clear skin sits vitamin C, essential for the production of collagen production and skin repair, something that helps towards your skin looking its absolute best. Also essential for a healthy immune system, something that also contributes to skin health.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is another essential anti-ageing ingredient. When it comes to anti-ageing, bone health should not be neglected and, unhealthy bones, believe it or not, are one of the main things that contribute towards sunken and tired looking skin. It’s a known fact that collagen is lost in ageing but many people don’t realise that we also lose bone – something that makes vitamin D one of the best vitamins for skin.

Why do we need anti-ageing vitamins?

We are surrounded by factors that can cause accelerated ageing when it comes to our skin. Environmental factors such as pollution as well as everyday emotions such as anxiety and stress, which in turn, cause a lack of sleep can also affect the appearance of our skin. Often, these situations can’t be avoided, so taking anti-ageing vitamins and supplements for healthy skin can help protect our skin against any potentially damaging factors. Lumity’s anti-ageing skin vitamins and beauty supplements are designed to take care of our skin and contribute towards beautiful skin and nails, ensuring you radiate a youthful glow, despite the inevitable stresses of everyday life. As well as improving your skin, hair and nails, anti-ageing vitamins are also important to supporting your immune system which can often weaken with age – they also ensure that your body is at its optimum for nutrient absorption.

What are the most important anti-ageing supplements?

If you’re determined to keep your skin looking younger and are wondering about the type of anti-ageing supplements that you should be taking, then here are a few things to look out for when looking:

It contains Zinc

There is a reason why skin supplements and the best vitamins for skin contain Zinc. Dubbed the ‘anti-ageing miracle mineral’ Zinc assists antioxidants in preventing new free radicals damaging your skin, a very important ingredient of an anti-ageing supplement.

There is a two-step formula

Getting into the routine of taking your supplements when you wake up and when you go to bed is a really useful way of ensuring you’re taking them all and also helps the skin supplements to work around the clock to support your beautiful skin. Lumity offers a targeted two-step nutritional supplementation that aims to make skin healthier.

It is free from

Anti-ageing vitamins and skin supplements should only contain the best vitamins for your skin and nothing else. Anti-nutritional binding agents, fillers, coatings and artificial flavours can counteract the good work of the supplement’s essential minerals, preventing the supplement from working effectively. You should also ensure that your anti-ageing supplements don’t contain unnecessary additions such as caffeine, gluten, melatonin and a high sugar content. Taking skin pills that are packed full of only the right ingredients is important if you’re going to begin taking anti-ageing supplements.

It is from a trusted source

If you are shopping for skin supplements online, be sure to read the ingredients and get in touch with the company if you are unsure about anything. As mentioned above, check there are no unnecessary ingredients in the supplements because, after all, you want to be healthy on the inside, to look younger on the out.

When should I begin to take skin supplements?

Experts say that your anti-ageing skincare routine should begin in your mid-twenties when the first signs of sun damage and wrinkles are beginning to surface. This doesn’t just involve anti-ageing moisturisers and facial oils but also skin supplements. Of course, how accelerated the ageing to your skin is does really depend on factors such as your genetics and your lifestyle, so the exact age of when to start taking anti-ageing supplements can’t really be said. It is thought that collagen loss beings from mid to late twenties, which can make your skin feel less and less supple with time – so giving your body a boost in this area at the top end of your twenties, can produce the best results. If you’re going to start taking anti-ageing skin supplements as soon as possible, it’s also important that you find products that are appropriate for your skin type, as, unfortunately for most people, acne hasn’t made a full disappearance until they are well into their thirties. However, the best anti-ageing supplements will work towards protecting your skin from oxidative stress, helping towards brain health and vitality and supporting a healthy immune system – all of which will benefit you from as young as your early twenties. You can find more information about the benefits of Lumity’s anti-ageing supplements here.

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