Anti-Aging Beauty: The Ultimate Guide

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Beauty is most certainly NOT skin-deep. True, youthful beauty radiates from the inside out. When you’re happy and healthy, you really glow. To further enhance that youthful, radiant glow, there are plenty of anti-aging beauty secrets that the experts all swear by.

Curious about all of the industry-leading anti-aging beauty secrets and the best anti-aging beauty tips? You’ve come to the right place: the ultimate anti-aging beauty guide.

The Best In Anti-Aging Beauty Skin Care Tips

Beautiful, glowing, dewy skin, with minimal wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots: that’s the dream. That dream can easily become a reality if you take care of your skin the right way. You can start with optimal nutrition in the form of Lumity anti-aging supplement, which provides clinically-backed anti-aging vitamins and minerals in ideal proportions to help your body help itself.

It’s a simple fact that when you take care of your skin, your skin takes care of you. Just as when you get a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, when you eat a well-balanced diet full of omega fatty acids as well as fruits and vegetables, your skin, hair, and nails will all thank you.

Additionally, another simple truth is that the top secrets of anti-aging skin care are really not so secret. They’re the same old adages your mother and probably your grandmother passed down to you. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should discount those wise words. For the most part, many of the common mom-isms for anti-aging skin care have been backed by scientific evidence.

Use SPF 30+ Sunscreen—Always

There are no exceptions to this rule. It does not matter if it’s cloudy outside. It doesn’t matter how tan you are. It doesn’t matter if you only plan to be in the sun for a few minutes. It doesn’t even matter if your makeup or tinted moisturizer already has SPF 15 in it. You always need to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB radiation and oxidative damage with at least SPF 30 sunscreen.

Not only are you helping to protect against deadly melanomas by investing in SPF 30 sunscreen, you’re also helping to guard against all of the unsightly effects of photoaging. Keeping your skin youthful with religious sunscreen application means you’ll preemptively combat the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, age spots, sagging skin, and even crepey skin. And if you’re concerned about looking too pale, there are sunscreens that have built-in sunless-tanning lotion. You can get that glow without the risk of sun damage!

Drink Plenty Of Water

Hydrated skin is happy skin. Happy skin is beautiful, glowing skin. You know how your mother was always getting on to you for not drinking enough water when you were younger? She was absolutely right. When your cells are thirsty, your body doesn’t quite function like it should.

Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle to drink 8 glasses of water a day to reap all of the anti-aging beauty benefits of staying hydrated, though. Most of the necessary hydration we need comes from the foods we eat. In order to maintain a healthy glow and keep your cells and your body fully hydrated, be sure to maintain a well-balanced diet by stocking up on juicy fruits and succulent vegetables to achieve that unmistakable radiance from the inside out.

And if water is absolutely not your cup of tea? Well, then you can just reach for an actual cup of tea! Green tea, that is. Green tea is packed with antioxidants to help your body fend off free radical damage and repair itself from the inside out. Most anti-aging beauty experts agree that green tea is an excellent choice when water just won’t cut it!

Cleanse Gently Every Day

Some of the best anti-aging face cleansers and face soaps contain amazing anti-aging ingredients, such as retinoids, hyaluronic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acid. However, the overuse of any exfoliants—whether it’s an ingredient, a scrub, or a brush—may result in skin irritation.

“Whatever you do beauty-wise, don’t over-do it. The key is to strike a balance between moisturizing and exfoliating.”

To achieve the most naturally beautiful skin, cleanse your skin gently every day with a tried and true moisturizing face wash. Every other day, introduce an anti-aging cleanser with retinol or alpha-hydroxy acid (or really any other anti-aging ingredient that can work as a gentle chemical exfoliant) to exfoliate without damaging the skin the way harsher, more manual scrubs often do.

When you use these natural anti-aging skin care products, you’ll want to be wary of sun exposure. Again, be sure to use at least SPF 30 sunscreen if you know that you’ll be outside for any period of time. Retinol and other chemical exfoliants may make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure and photoaging as it works to reverse the effects of sun damage.

Tips For The Best Anti-Aging Beauty Creams, Masks, and Serums

Frankly, there are almost too many anti-aging serums, creams, and masks to count. How could you ever possibly make the right choice? Walking down the aisles and looking at all of the gorgeous packaging that all promises to be the fountain of youth—it can be truly overwhelming.

Before you furrow your brows and deepen any wrinkles that may be forming betwixt them, unwrinkle your expression. We have some of the top tips for finding the best anti-aging creams, masks, and serums on the market right here.

Retinoic Acid May Just Be Your Best Friend

Those retinoids we mentioned earlier? When not used in excess, retinoid creams, masks, and serums can actually be your best friend. The key component of most retinoid creams and serums is retinoic acid. Retinoic acid has the ability to stimulate your body’s retinoid receptors, which in turn helps to increase collagen production in the skin.

A derivative of vitamin A, retinoic acid helps to solve all manner of skin issue: from persistent acne all the way to deep wrinkles. You must be careful when using retinol creams, serums, and masks, though. Overuse may cause your skin to thin, and even moderate use can make you more sensitive to sun exposure. As always, it’s best to use sunscreen whenever you plan to step outside.

Hyaluronic Acid Works Inside And Out

Another powerhouse ingredient in any anti-aging beauty product, hyaluronic acid is an incredible humectant, which means that it helps to moisturize your skin and keep it looking dewy and fresh. Because it has the word ‘acid’ in it, many people assume that it somehow corrodes the skin. The truth is: hyaluronic acid is actually naturally produced within your body, and it works hard to give your skin the full, moisturized, line-free look of your youth. As you age, hyaluronic acid production naturally declines.

To supplement that decline, you can invest in the best serums, masks, and creams that all boast hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. Applying hyaluronic acid topically may help combat against free radical damage, improve skin elasticity, and in some cases, help prevent against further UVA/UVB damage. Whether your skin is dry or oily, hyaluronic acid creams and serums will do the trick to keep your skin naturally moisturized and balanced.

In addition to finding creams, masks, and serums that contain hyaluronic acid, you may consider looking into anti-aging supplements that may help to boost natural hyaluronic acid production from the inside out. Lumity contains several scientifically-backed ingredients that may help to increase hyaluronic acid production over time and keep your skin glowing naturally.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids Can Help Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

Alpha-hydroxy acids can naturally be found in certain foods, but for the intents and purposes of anti-aging beauty, it’s far simpler to purchase anti-aging creams, serums, and masks that contain the powerful exfoliating ingredient.

For over-the-counter anti-aging creams, be sure to look for alpha-hydroxy acid as the second or third ingredient. It shouldn’t be the first in line for the simple fact that in high concentrations, it can be irritating to the skin. You can use a gentler anti-aging serum daily for optimal anti-aging results. Again, as with hyaluronic acid serums and retinol creams, anti-aging creams and serums that contain alpha-hydroxy acid necessitate that you use sunscreen to mitigate any potential sun damage and prevent further photoaging of the skin.

Anti-Aging Beauty Makeup Secrets To Help You Look Ten Years Younger

Makeup is a powerful anti-aging tool. It can simultaneously cover up those annoying dark circles and enhance your own natural beauty. But, that being said, it can also be your worst enemy if you don’t apply it correctly. Incorrectly applied makeup can sink into your wrinkles, draw attention to tired eyes, and make you appear older than you are overall.

For all those moments, we’ve gathered the top three anti-aging makeup secrets to help you look at least ten years younger.

Less Makeup Is Way More

If there’s anything that can instantly age you, it’s a full face covered up by a heavy layer of foundation. A mask of foundation makeup may feel like it’s hiding all your deep dark secrets, but the truth is, it’s probably highlighting your age and even (gasp!) making you look older than you really are. It’s even worse when that foundation doesn’t quite match your skin tone, or if it’s not tailored to your skin type—dry, oily, or combination.


In order to look ten years younger, you need only apply concealer to your problem spots (dark circles, age spots, blemishes, etc.) and then maybe dab on some illuminating tinted moisturizer on your forehead and cheeks. It may seem totally counterintuitive, but it’s true that the more skin you let show, the younger you look—especially if you keep your healthy skin hydrated and happy with hyaluronic acid and other anti-aging beauty skin care products with anti-aging peptide complexes and retinol in them. Several anti-aging skin care products even help to boost collagen production, which can further reduce the signs of aging.

Whether you’ve got oily, combination, or dry skin, it doesn’t matter. There are tons of anti-aging products for all skin types on the market. If you’ve noticed that your mature skin has become drier over time, it’s a natural part of the aging process that the best anti-aging moisturizers can help to correct. Many anti-aging beauty skin care products even work double-time to help combat the signs of aging with the help of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptide complexes while they work hard to lessen the effects of free radical damage, sun damage, and photoaging—the common resultants of which are often crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.

Use Clear Liquid Lip Liner For More Youthful Lips

As we get older, our lips tend to lose their youthful fullness, and lipstick can start to bleed out of line. In order to keep your lipstick in line throughout the day and mask the appearance of thinning lips, all you need to do is harness the fantastic anti-aging power of clear liquid lip liner.

Rein in any flattering shade of lipstick with a single line of clear liquid lip liner gently applied around the lips for a natural, more youthful look.

If your lips feel particularly dry, you may also consider some natural anti-aging products that can plump up your lips and smooth any fine lines out. One of the top natural anti-aging products on the market may already be in your kitchen. Coconut oil is a great antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-aging product that you can use day in and day out to help moisturize your skin and your lips alike.

A decrease in collagen may also be to blame for less youthful-looking lips. In that case, there are plenty of anti-aging solutions that you can tap into to help soften those effects. Within Lumity, there are quite a few ingredients that work with your body’s natural processes to help increase natural collagen production.

“When your body is better able to regenerate its own collagen, your lips appear full and youthful, and you wind up with natural beauty you can feel.”

Curl Your Lashes For Younger-Looking Eyes

The eyes have it. When your eyes look younger, your entire face lights up with radiant, youthful beauty. For a daily lift for your lookers, all you really need to do is curl those lashes and make use of some incredible anti-aging products specifically designed to help you return to your natural radiance.

For added anti-aging benefits, use protein-enhancing, strengthening mascara, and avoid waterproof eye makeup, as it tends to lead to lash breakage. Swipe on some shimmering eyeshadow, and voila! Seemingly ten years younger almost instantly!

Tips for Younger Looking Hair: The Best Anti-Aging Beauty Hair Care Tricks

There’s nothing quite like a good hair day to pump up your confidence and make you feel stunningly beautiful and ageless. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our hair loses some of that va-va-voom. The individual follicles decrease both in number and in volume, leaving our hair more lifeless and less lustrous than it once was. In addition, as we age, our scalps naturally lose some of their blood flow, and, as you may or may not know, blood flow is remarkably important for scalp health and subsequently hair health.

Luckily, there are some wonderful anti-aging tips for younger looking hair, and they’re compiled right here to help you keep your hair looking marvelous and feeling amazing. As with ageless, radiant skin, gorgeous hair starts with the proper nutrition. When you get an ample amount of the right vitamins, minerals, and proprietary complexes, your hair naturally looks younger, healthier, and more voluminous.

Avoid Solid, All-Over Hair Color

Multidimensional highlights that frame your face and move with the sunlight will look far more natural than solid, all-over hair color. When you dye your entire head all one color, you lose out on the natural variation that comes with virgin (undyed) hair. Plus, in between coloring visits, your roots become far more noticeable when you’ve just got one solid block of color all around.

For fresher, brighter hair color that needs less maintenance, ask for a variety of hand-painted highlights and lowlights. Techniques such as balayage (hair painting) will help you achieve the most natural, youthful look without drastic measures.

Look For Anti-Aging Keratin Hair Products

Keratin is a building-block protein that keeps hair healthy, strong, and vibrant. As we age, keratin loss contributes to brittle, fine hair that’s more prone to fallout and damage. To restore that natural keratin, you can turn to anti-aging products that contain keratin. Be wary of keratin treatments, however, as some may contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Most over-the-counter keratin hair care products don’t, though.

The best anti-aging beauty hair care products simply offer smoother, more nourished strands that shine with the health of more youthful, radiant hair.

Get Regular Trims Every 5 to 7 Weeks

Though it’s true that longer hair is associated with youth, as we get older, our hair naturally loses some of its volume, meaning that when it’s longer, it looks less healthy and full. In order to maintain the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair, it’s important to keep it a little bit shorter than you did when you were younger.

Maintaining that perfect length and cut may take more frequent visits to your favorite hairdresser. If at all possible, try to schedule your hair appointments for every 5 to 7 weeks for optimal anti-aging hair benefits. Your ends will look infinitely healthier, and you’ll be less prone to breakage and split ends, which are major contributing factors to frizzy, unmanageable hair. When you get in the habit of seeing your hairstylist every 5 to 7 weeks, you’ll start to notice that your hair not only looks younger and healthier, but you also look more youthful and radiant all over as a result!

The ultimate secret to anti-aging beauty? A healthy mind, body, and spirit. When everything is working together in harmony, you naturally glow. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.

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