Ageless beauty: Are YOU ready to go grey?

-Jan 24, Jenny Paul, Beauty -

There has never been a better time to embrace grey hair: Legions of ladies are letting go of their favourite blonde, red and brunette hues of past decades and are fully embracing their greys; no longer feeling that a monthly trip to the salon to get their roots touched up is a must-do.

Market research shows that consumers are currently leading their own age revolution, and instead of wanting to be younger, women want to feel fantastic whilst ageing beautifully and on their own terms.

A model agency called The Grey Agency has sprung up in London and has a roster of models that cater to forward-thinking brands looking for faces which are unique, diverse and relatable to front their campaigns – instead of impossibly perfect supermodels.

New York-based tastemaker Iris Apfel, 95, has revolutionised the ways in which cosmetic and fashion companies are selling to the older demographic since the interior designer landed a Mac makeup campaign in 2013, before going on to model for CĂ©line, Kate Spade, Pirch and becoming the face of Blue Illusions’ AW16 campaign, titled, “Ageless.”

“Gone are the days of women over forty not being able to wear jeans or having to follow certain style rules like not being able to have long hair,” fashion historian Aisling O’Connor tells Lumity.

“It’s not the way it was in previous generations; mothers and daughters are both shopping at Zara, for example, then going off to get their hair dyed a flattering shade of grey and cut into a super sharp bob. It’s fantastic that there’s few boundaries and that rules have gone out of the window.

“Now it’s all about beauty on your own terms; wearing what you want because you love it. If you feel great with a red lip, skinny jeans and hair with the ends dyed scarlet then so long as you feel wonderful inside, you’ll look fantastic. Fashion, hair and makeup have always been fun and the fact that women of all ages are setting their own rules rather than following ones that have been set for them is wonderful.”

With teens and twenty-somethings claiming grey hair as their own and it becoming a huge trend, embracing your roots has never been so easy. If you’re thinking of ditching the hair dye, then this time of year is perfect:

“Going grey is really liberating in so many ways,” hair stylist Sophia Vidal tells Lumity. “Grey can be so much more flattering to your skin tone than certain shades of blonde, red or brunette. I have clients who have naturally grey hair but add an ash tone which looks incredible and gives their skin a lovely dewy glow. It’s really worth consulting an expert colourist before taking the plunge, but some women are lucky enough to find that they have a gorgeous pearl white which they have been unknowingly covering up for years – costing them a fortune to hide.”

Growing out old colour is relatively easy, Sophia adds: “In winter you can hide roots with a hat, so that’s a fairly simple way to let it grow. If you consult with your hair stylist first you can either have the old colour cut out with regular trims, or you can go for a short cut.  

“One client I have has really long black hair, which she slowly let go grey, but she did lots of little braids and plaits while it was growing out so the roots weren’t obvious. It was very Game of Thrones and extremely cool. She used temporary blue and purple dyes as well and now it’s a lovely salt and pepper colour all over she looks younger and happier – sometimes mother nature knows best.”

If you do make the leap then have fun with it, change up your cut and your makeup and remember if you hate being grey you can always switch back. If you don’t like a cut you can get extensions. Nothing is permanent in the world of hair styling.

Whatever you do, keep your hair nourished and in good condition and don’t reach for the box dyes unless you really know what you’re doing. Experts are there to help you feel and look your best.


Have you embraced grey hair? Let us know how it went in the comments… 

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