Are you ready to revamp your summer beauty routine?

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With summer firmly in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumn on its way in the southern part of the world, it’s time to think about a new season beauty regime as well as a head to toe make-over.

We turned to none other than Cayli Cavaco Reck, who is a bonafide beauty industry insider and owns three conscious beauty stores in the New York area, to talk us through getting gorgeous for the new season.

Conscious beauty means no nasty toxins that could potentially harm your health lurking in the products she sells, and better yet, she only sells the brands she uses herself and loves so you can be sure that what you’re buying is going to be good for both your body and your looks.

What should be first? “Focus on your feet and legs!” Cayli insists. “It’s time to get your feet looking pretty, so give yourself a pedicure, or go out and get one, and start applying a really great cream to heal dry winter skin.

“Odacité’s Intensive Hand and Heel therapy works wonders on cracked, dry skin. You can also use it on your legs, or you can use a really good coconut oil when you shave, the smell will give you that summer feeling and remind you of beach holidays.”

Next on the to do list is nails on your hands and a good manicure: “I love Smith & Cult’s top coat and base which is completely free of all the toxins that can often be found in nail varnish,” Cayli tells Lumity.

“They are long-lasting and don’t chip. For a lovely finish add a gorgeous gold shade they do called ‘Shattered Souls’ along the tips of your nails – like a modern twist on the classic French manicure.

“It’s a clear varnish that’s filled with flecks of glittering gold, it’s very easy to do yourself as you can’t really make mistakes with it because it’s meant to be uneven. This season metallics are big for nails, but this, along with the top and base coats, is one of my favourite looks right now.”

Are you ready for dry brushing? If not, then it’s time to get into the habit on a daily basis, Cayli suggests: “Dry brushing every morning is important and makes a big difference to your skin,” she explains. “It stimulates your lymphatic system, unclogs pores and excretes toxins.”

The trick is to brush from your feet and hands and brush upwards towards your heart, before you shower in the morning. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that it helps banish cellulite and even gives you extra energy because you don’t have toxins weighing you down.

“It doesn’t take long,” Cayli adds. As for which brush to use, she recommends Supracor’s hand mitt, which is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, plus the black version retails at $34, looks super-chic and was gifted by Chanel to all their VIPs at fashion Week late last year.

Next up is getting serious about taking Lumity every morning and before bed. Cayli also recommends getting a superfood fix at this time of year, and swears by snacking on goji berries to get an energy boost if you’re suffering from seasonal fatigue.

As spring becomes summer our hair starts to grow faster, so Cayli says it’s a good time to book in for a really good trim at the hairdresser. As for hero hair products, she says that a quality sulphate-free dry shampoo is a good beauty cabinet addition: Try Klorane’s gentle dry shampoo which is made from oat milk. (It’s also a staple backstage at Chanel shows).

Cayli says that a change of season is a good time to look at all your makeup and skin products and then switch them up: “Some serums and creams will be too heavy for summer, while they’re fortifying for winter skin, so have a good look at everything – including your make up which needs to be less heavy in summer, and see what needs changing. You should wear SPF all year round but if you don’t, now is the time to start.

Get used to going make-up free and giving your skin time to breathe before beach season.” (Cayli’s guide to going without makeup is here, she has some genius tips to glow while wearing minimal products).

“A good swap is Odacité’s Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist – it plumps your skin without it looking greasy and it also combats eye puffiness.” (It recently won Vogue’s Miracle Ingredient Award).

If you’re prone to seasonal breakouts, Cayli says that Kat Redu’s Jet Secret Mask Cream ($95) will soothe and clear your skin in no time: “It’s packed with Coenzyme Q10, Borage oil, Provitamin B and several other healing ingredients which work wonders,” says Cayli. “She has an A-list following for a reason and if you’re in LA, her facials are game changers.”

One final tip is Santa Marina Novella’s Marine Bath and Shower Gel. “It smells divine and will whisk you away to the Mediterranean ocean,” says Cayli, who says it’s the perfect way to relax after a long day and get yourself in the mood for thoughts of holidays in the sunshine.

If you’re interested in buying the products Cayli has mentioned you can go and see her and get tailored beauty advice in person at Knockout Beauty at her stores at 1031 Lexington Avenue, New York in Soho at 44 Crosby inside Bloomingdales in New York.

You can call her on 001 631 899 3401 from outside the United States or 631.899.3401 if you are in America, to order and don’t forget to check out her brilliant Live beauty tutorials on her Instagram accounts here which are most evenings, and some afternoons. You can ask her questions and get answers in real time and she also happens to be hilarious.


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