Everything you need to know about Arginine: A multi-tasking amino acid

-Oct 16, Jenny Paul , Nutrition -

Arginine is an amino acid, which plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins and cell division.

Many studies have linked arginine to enhanced immunity, greater muscle mass, increased ability to burn fat, rapid healing from injury, increased sexual potency, increased mental alertness, increased bone density and improved removal of ammonia from the body.

Which foods contain Arginine? 

There’s an abundance of healthy foods which contain arginine. The highest amount is to be found in cooked turkey breast which contains a whopping 16 grams. 

Pork loin, chicken, pumpkin seeds, soy beans, peanuts (opt for non-salted if possible), spirulina, milk, cheese and yoghurt and chickpeas are all very high in Arginine as well.

For a delicious alanine boost why not make a simple stir fry? You could add lean turkey, chick peas, spinach and a dash of turmeric for a simple and easy lunch or dinner that will be ready in less than 15 minutes. 

What are the benefits of Arginine? 

The body’s ability to synthesise the non-essential amino acids, such as arginine, and to utilise all amino acids can be adversely affected by an individual’s advancing age, overall health, the presence of infection, physical trauma, stress and compromised nutrient absorption capacity.

Arginine also facilitates the release of insulin, glucagon, and prolactin. It is the physiological precursor of diverse biological compounds such as nitric oxide, polyamines, proline (essential for the production of collagen), glutamate, creatine (an energy source needed by cells), agmatine and urea (used to remove toxic ammonia from the body). 

As a booster of immunity, arginine stimulates the thymus and promotes lymphocyte production. This may be an important key for arginine’s ability to promote healing of burns and other wounds. Arginine has a positive effect on cerebral as well as systemic circulation.

FAQS: What is the recommended daily dose of Arginine? 

There is no standard recommended daily dose of arginine but Lumity’s capsules with give you 180 mg per day. 

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