Ask Sara: How can I help protect my skin from pollution?

-Sep 2, Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, Beauty -

Pollution can be very damaging to the skin. Particulate matter in the air, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrogen oxides, cigarette smoke and other pollutants can clog pores, disrupt the skin barrier function with a knock-on effect on skin health, firmness and pigmentation, causing inflammation, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and accelerated ageing of the skin. 

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It is important to cleanse the skin well twice a day, but the right skincare can also protect your skin from the onslaught of pollution 24/7.

Lumity Skin Nutrients is a 100% natural facial oil that nourishes and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier in order to keep out harmful pollutants, it is also very rich in a range of antioxidants which neutralise the free-radical attack on skin cells (free radical damage is increased by pollution), as well as being soothing and calming against the irritants in polluted air.

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It is important to check the chemical composition of your skincare – if you live in a polluted city, you do not want to be adding to the toxic burden on your skin by using skincare that is packed with chemical irritants too.

You can also strengthen your skin’s defences by working from the inside out with a targeted nutritional supplement like Lumity that contains antioxidants, omega-3s, healing minerals and other nutrients to support optimum skin health.

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