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Improve Your Fitness Without That Expensive Gym Membership

Are you ready to spring clean your fitness routine? Gunnar Peterson is the Los Angeles-based trainer that was responsible for Jennifer Lopez’s 50lb weight loss…

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Beauty Tips From Top Celebrity Skin Gurus

All of us want gorgeous, glowing skin but unfortunately we don’t have a superstar facialist and nutritionist on hand to ensure we’re getting the best…

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Supplements: How Much Is Too Much?

We all know that the modern diet doesn’t necessarily contain enough nutrients to help us look and feel our best, and that the general consensus…

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The Busy Woman’s Guide To Healthy Eating

Healthy eating can feel like a minefield, especially as all of us are so busy and wearing a number of different hats and fulfilling a…

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Coenzyme Q10: The Ageless Beauty Secret

One of the truly fabulous weapons to have in your beauty arsenal is coenzyme q10, which is often shortened to CoQ10. A simple truth is…

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Zinc: The Essential Beauty Mineral That Boosts Your Skin’s Glow

As the springtime months creep up on us, all of us want to boost our skin’s natural glow. Stress and time spent inside in central…

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The Ultimate Age Defying Workout

The wonderful thing about it being spring here in the northern hemisphere is that it’s far easier to get outside and do some exercise every…

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Madonna’s ‘Elixir Of Life’ Beauty Ritual

Madonna is known for her age-defying lust for life, and if you’ve been to one of her concerts, you’ll know that she can dance her…

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