Back to school: Speed up your morning make-up routine and still look great

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Your make-up regime doesn’t have to go out the window just because you’re short of time in the morning. Speed up your beautification up with these simple tips and you can still look polished, just in less time.

The summer holidays are over and it’s back to school with a bump. Whether you’re a mum, a career woman – or you’re busy juggling both – getting back into a schedule and getting out the door in the morning can be a challenge – not least if you want to do it looking good.
But there’s no reason you have to sacrifice long lashes because you’ve got to make a packed lunch or your foundation has to fail because you’re too busy catching up on emails. Follow these hacks to speed up your routine and and still step out into the world looking fabulous.

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It doesn’t matter how swiftly you can slap on a lick of lipstick or accurately applying your eyeliner if you spend your morning scrabbling around looking for the products to put on your face.
Being organised is the key to a more efficient and less timely beauty regime in the morning.
So rather than digging to the bottom of a messy make-up bag and getting mascara all over your hands in the process, get yourself sorted.
If you truly don’t use many products – think five or ten – then it’s ok to have them all in an easily accessible bag.
But if you have more then consider getting some dividers for your drawer or buy a case which has plenty of separate drawers so you know where everything is.

Buy a blender

You don’t want to spend your morning correction make-up mistakes or dabbing on your foundation slowly with your finger tips or brushes. Invest in a beauty blender. Not only will the end result be smoother but it’s so much speedier too.

Add Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

A drop or two of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil added to less of your normal foundation will not only make your makeup go further but it’ll help it smooth on quicker too.
Plus you’ll be getting the nourishing effects of the al-natural oil as well. Winner all round.

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Double up

Save time and space by finding products that double up and have several uses. For example a highlighter doesn’t have to just be for cheekbones. It looks great dabbed on eye lids and even added to your lip gloss too. Some lipsticks can be used as a little cream blush on your cheeks too.

Simplify your look

Save the big, bold and time consuming looks for special occasions or when you have more time. Attempting a sexy smoky eye while watching your valuable time tick away in the morning won’t have good results. We’re not saying you have to go makeup free, but work on keeping your daytime look toned down to save time.

Make your lips stand out

If you’re really pushed for time and you need to distract from the fact you didn’t have time to perfect your liner and you think your lashes look a little sad, then pull out the lipstick and go for a bold colour to steer the focus away from everything else.
If you simply can’t pull off lipstick – and we know you can – then push the boat out on your eye makeup instead by adding a pop of colour there.

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Fake it

Tinted eyebrows, eyelashes, lash extensions and other semi-permanent fixes do you save you time in the long run and will likely reduce the amount of makeup you have to wear too.

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