How to naturally banish hormonal breakouts for good

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Rather than reaching for the heavy duty makeup and masking hormonal breakouts, we wanted to find out if there’s a way to minimise this, and have clear skin – no matter what time of the month it is.

Hormonal breakouts can appear whether you’re 18 or 48. They tend to appear as a smattering of blemishes – including spots, pimples, bumps, plus white and blackheads – around your lower cheeks and chin, either before, during, or after your period is due. And, instead of being a teenage only thing, they can often carry on being an irritation for decades.

What’s behind hormonal breakouts?

If you’re suffering from severe acne it’s worth seeing a specialist doctor, who can do tests and look at various factors and tell you for certain what is behind the problem. We are all so different and the exact cause of hormonal breakouts can be complicated, but certainly diet, stress and your skincare routine can cause a perfect storm for unhappy skin.

Balancing your hormones and your blood sugar levels, managing stress and being careful not to eat foods which will cause inflammation (which can appear outwardly as spots on your skin) are all key.

How to banish hormonal breakouts? 

We all know it, but being consistent about drinking water is a factor behind lovely, dewy, moisturised skin. Bottled mineral water is best, especially if there’s high amounts of magnesium, which is an anti-inflammatory that helps ease stress.

If you can aim to keep a bottle by you at all times and take sips all day until 4 pm, it will help clear your skin and you’ll notice that you’re less likely to snack. Make your own fruit-infused detox water if you want to keep it interesting, but before long you’ll notice that your body will crave water over other choices.


Clear hormonal breakouts
Drinking healthy detox water with citrus fruit and herbs like mint or basil will help for clear glowing skin all month long

Research has shown that dairy and refined sugar cause inflammation in your body, which will show up on your skin. If you can cut right back on these during the week before, and the week after your period is due, you’ll notice that your skin becomes clearer.

There are so many great food swaps now that if you have a sweet tooth you will definitely be able to find something else to satisfy the urge.

Does vitamin C help fight spots? 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory powerhouses which is great for regulating blood sugar and studies show helps alleviate depression. Having a bag of vitamin C packed dried goji berries to hand and snacking on them before, during and after your cycle will help ease that yearning for sugary foods and help keep your skin glowing as well as keeping mood swings at bay.

Which foods will help fight breakouts? 

Another food to consider eating a lot of before your period is either the humble cauliflower, broccoli, kale, bok choy, maca, collard greens, or any other members of the cruciferous family, which contains a compound that helps balance your hormones:

“I had a client who would eat a plate of cauliflower rice, lightly sauteed in olive oil, with lots of kale, turmeric and a couple of eggs gently stir fried into it every single day for ten days before her period was due,” says registered nutritionist Paula James.

“She’d have it with avocado and courgette. It cleared her PMT in the first month and her skin didn’t break out for the first time in years, so diet really does make a difference – especially if you’re prone to getting PMT and then reaching for cookies and donuts.”

Likewise, eating organic smoked salmon regularly is said to have had a miraculous effect on Victoria Beckham’s skin.

Can alcohol cause unwanted spots? 

Champagne, white wine and other forms of alcohol often cause breakouts, and worse, not only is white wine packed with sugar, it dehydrates you, overworks your liver and can cause red and/or puffy skin as well as spots and blemishes. If you can avoid it for the majority of the time and apply the 80:20 rule to alcohol (in other words maybe keeping it to weekends only), your skin will definitely thank you for it.

Can stress cause pimples? 

Banishing stress from your life isn’t easy, as we all have stressful lives, but trying hard to change your reaction to stress will help balance your hormones, which will keep your skin from flaring up. Meditation, yoga, practising gratitude, or even just creating ‘a happy place’ that you can go to in your mind when you’re anxious, are all habits that your skin will love:

“When I was going through a bad divorce I had a lovely cottage that was for sale bookmarked on my phone,” says therapist Ann Morgan.

“When I was having a rough day I would happily flick through the gallery of photos and imagined myself living in this little thatched cottage in the country, picking lilac, smelling roses, or eating vegetables from the garden. I never had any intention of actually buying the house, but it played the role of my happy place for a while.

“Our body doesn’t know the difference between real or imaginary so while it was a daydream, it was one that physically banished stress and made me feel mentally calm and happy. I have several clients who do this and swear by it.”

Last but not least is your skincare routine. What’s crucial is consistency and cleansing every day and night and remembering not to scrub, pick or use lots of products in the hope that it will help your skin, because that could well cause irritation and breakouts.

What do the experts say about spots? 

Facialist Anna Karim says: “Wash your skin twice a day with your hands rather than with a harsh exfoliation brush, never sleep in your make up, and pick products that are gentle but effective.

“It’s really worth having at least one consultation with an expert who can advise you on specific products and a routine that will suit your skin and budget.  

“I use Lumity’s oil which has 32 ingredients. Gently dab on your skin after cleansing.”

Picking a high quality, targeted nutritional supplement like Lumity will also help your skin. 

No matter how tempting it is to stay up binging on TV box sets, give yourself a strict bedtime, soak in some anti-inflammatory magnesium flakes in the bath and your skin will look fabulous as a result.


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