A beauty expert’s guide to hiding allergy symptoms

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beauty expert's guide to hiding allergy symptoms
Summer is in the air and that means so is the pollen! Allergies can make you look and feel worse for wear but luckily there are some beauty and makeup tips you can use to hide the symptoms.


From bloodshot eyes, to red rimmed noses, allergy symptoms can be insufferable and not particularly pretty.

Instead of hiding under the duvet, beauty expert Candice Meggan has given Lumity some very helpful tips for looking your best even if allergies have left you feeling your absolute worst.

How do you reduce the appearance of red eyes?


There are a few things you can use for red eyes, depending on where the redness sits.

If it’s inside your eye due to irritation or hay fever then you can use a cool compress, soothing drops or even eye whitening drops. But if you don’t want to go that route then there are cosmetic options too.

There are lots of brands that now produce a skin tone and white eyeliners for your waterline, these are a great way to cover up that redness.

If it’s the skin around your eyes then a green tone colour corrector is what you are after. The green knocks back red and then you can put your foundation over this. Don’t use too much or you will end up looking a bit ill. Less is more here. If you don’t trust yourself with a green colour corrector you can also use a normal concealer and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to buff it around the lash line.


Is there a way to even out reddened skin complexion?
You can use an all over skin perfecter which can have a mother of pearl effect with light reflecting particles in it. Then apply your foundation or tinted moisturiser over this to give you a healthy looking even skin tone.


If your nose is dry or skin is raw from blowing it should you avoid foundation on those areas?


It is better to leave the skin to recover, I would recommend applying a thin layer of something like a baby rash cream which has antibacterial and moisturising properties and lets the redness calm down. However if this is just not an option for you and you absolutely have to wear makeup then I recommend using a mineral makeup as this will be less likely to cause further irritation.


Are there any products or tips for reducing puffy areas under eyes?


There are so many options like eye creams that help with puffiness, eye masks, the eye gel masks or even tea bags, but my personal favourite is tablespoons!

Take two tablespoons and place them into a cup or glass and fill the glass up with ice cold water or tap water but with lots of ice in it.

In the interim do your morning/evening skin care routine and finish with Lumity Facial Oil all over you face and concentrating around the eye area, this will help with allowing the spoons to glide over your skin rather than drag it.

Remove the spoons from the water, shake them off and place the convex sides over your eyes and apply gentle pressure for about 5 – 10 seconds. The spoons should fit into your eye sockets. Then gently drag the spoons off to the sides of your head and repeat this about three times and not forgetting to dip the spoons back in the ice water each time to cool off. I find this helps with puffiness and is so soothing for the eyes it’s definitely my top tip for puffy eyes.


What can you do for your lips if they are cracked and dry?


The best thing for dried lips is lots of TLC. Start off with a gentle lip scrub to remove any rough skin. There are all sorts on the market but you can make your own by adding a few drops of Lumity Facial Oil to course brown sugar granules. Next dab some more Lumity Facial Oil onto the lips and massage gently in sweeping motions from side to side.

Once the Lumity oil is absorbed then top your lips off with a lip mask. You can use a gel lip mask which fits over your lips or a product like I am using which is a thick balm you put on before bed and it sets over your lips. It provides intensive hydration over night. You will wake up with soft kissable lips.


What do you use on parts of the body that might have become dry or irritated from scratching?


I always use Lumity Facial Oil on dry areas like elbows, knuckles, cuticles, knees, ankles anywhere
you need a bit of extra moisture. My favourite trick with Lumity’s oil is always using it under
something else as a moisture booster and as it’s an oil it seals in moisture. Using it after a
shower is perfect. I then top it off with a body lotion or facial moisturiser and it leaves your
skin feeling soft, smooth and gives it a gorgeous summer glow.


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