The benefits of using tomatoes in your beauty regime

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Benefits of tomatoes in your beauty regime
Tomatoes are not only a delicious ingredient and great for your health, they’re a veritable powerhouse when it comes to your beauty arsenal too. We take a look at why. 


These vibrant red fruits are a staple in most people’s fridges and pack a punch when it comes to helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, but it’s not just your insides they look after.

We’re looking at how our rosy red friend can help us look our best and how we can very simply incorporate them into our beauty routines.


How tomatoes improve acne


Tomatoes are bursting with skin nourishing vitamins A, C, E, K and B6, which also help reduce the size of your pores. In addition tomatoes contain salicylic acid, which is a common ingredient in acne treatment.


While eating them will benefit your skin, applying tomatoes directly will have a better result. Try combining a tablespoon of tomato juice with lemon juice for a simple face wash.


Are tomatoes anti-ageing?

Tomatoes are incredibly high in antioxidants, most notably lycopene which has natural sunscreen properties (although we recommend you stick with your regular SPF!). Research has proven that tomato paste is actually one of the best places to find lycopene and eating a tablespoon’s worth a day – add it to pasta sauce or pizza topping – can make a big difference to your skin.

Tomatoes can boost the skin’s pro collagen levels too, helping to keep skin from losing its elasticity and stay looking young.


This incredible beauty hack will give you a glossy mane


Tomatoes can make your skin look great and give you gorgeous hair too. The vitamin C in the fruit helps treat dry skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis which can affect the scalp and cause dandruff. It boosts collagen to promote proper tissue development of the scalp. Massage your scalp with tomato pulp for 10 minutes twice a week and you’ll hopefully see the difference.


How to tame oily skin 


The astringent property of tomatoes means they can naturally reduce excess oil from skin and tame that greasy, sweaty look. Rubbing tomato ice cubes – made by extracting the juice of several tomatoes and freezing it in ice cube trays –  wrapped in a towel onto your skin before applying any other products can help curb oiliness.


Why tomatoes can make a brilliant natural after sun remedy


Sun exposure can make your skin itchy or even sunburned. The lycopene in the tomatoes you consume help protect the skin in the first place; but it isn’t a substitute for suncream. So if you do end up rosier than you’d hoped, try applying a pureed frozen tomato directly to the burnt area. Lycopene also helps reduce heat from minor burns.


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