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What should men be using as part of their anti-ageing skincare routine? Find out here.

Just as a woman starts to see those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles, everyday stresses and poor diets can also see men’s skin suffering from accelerated ageing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the best anti aging skin care for men. Although rarely discussed, an anti-ageing skin care routine for the modern-day male is highly recommended in order to allow skin to appear younger and wrinkles a little smoother. Although ageing is inevitable, in order to make the best out of your complexion, male or female, it’s time to follow a step by step anti-ageing skincare routine from around your mid-20’s, choosing something simple but effective that you’ll stick to morning and night. Purchasing high-quality, all-natural
best men’s skin care products for anti aging that will provide both effective nourishment and an anti-ageing treatment at the same time is essential when skincare shopping. Your routine doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be done. Not sure where to begin? Follow these simple steps for your new anti-ageing skincare routine and choosing the best anti aging skin care for men.

Skin Cleanse

The first and essential step in any skincare routine, cleansing will clean the face of impurities which in turn, will reduce the chances of blemishes and blackheads on the skin. However, younger skin can often produce excess oil, meaning a scrub or foaming cleanser will be effective in helping skin to remain clean and clear. However, as we age, it’s important that we work towards retaining moisture in our skin, as a dehydrated complexion can lead to further fine lines and wrinkles. Ensure that your facial cleanser contains essential anti-ageing ingredients such as vitamin E and botanical extracts. Whilst you still want your cleanser to work towards dissolving impurities, ensure it also works to condition and nourish your complexion, so that you don’t risk drying out this sensitive skin area. As well as containing anti-ageing ingredients to turn skin from sallow to supple, ensuring your anti-ageing skincare cleanser is also free from sulphates and parabens is also recommended. Anti-ageing products that contain a high volume of artificial chemicals can be damaging to delicate skin cells, causing redness and irritation, so using natural anti-ageing skincare is always best.


A gentle exfoliation after cleansing is a great step in a male’s anti-ageing skincare routine as not only does it leave skin looking smoother after taking away any dirt and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, it is also a great product to use before shaving, softening tough facial hair for a shave that is more comfortable. Prepping the skin pre-shave is also important to avoid ingrown hairs that can often be uncomfortable and ruin your appearance of smooth, clear skin that you have worked to achieve during your anti-ageing skincare routine. Exfoliating regularly has been proven to make skin appear brighter, fresher and therefore more youthful by gently removing dulling skin cells, so, just as an anti-ageing moisturiser, the exfoliator is one to consider when it comes to anti-ageing skincare.

Anti Ageing Skin Moisturiser

A good, nourishing anti-ageing moisturiser should always be considered as part of your anti-ageing skincare routine as dehydrated skin can lead to a tired, older appearance, with prominent lines and wrinkles that haven’t been looked after. Men should use an all-natural anti-ageing moisturiser that is best applied both during your morning and evening routines, after cleansing. A nourishing anti-ageing moisturiser that contains retinol – an ingredient effective in the anti-wrinkle process will help to totally smooth out skin, encouraging the production of collagen which will also help to improve skin’s elasticity – which you want to maintain for as long as possible! Don’t worry if you suffer from excess oil and are reluctant to add any extra moisture – there are light, oil free anti-ageing moisturisers available that also contain the best anti-ageing ingredients and will be completely absorbed into your skin, for a fresh appearance.

Anti Ageing Face Oil

Anti-ageing facial oil can often be a step that is neglected in the anti-ageing process but is one that is necessary for effective results. A good anti-ageing facial oil will be deeply nourishing but also non-greasy and fast drying, meaning it is quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and smooth with a youthful glow that is not only necessary for men’s skin, but male’s too. Anti-ageing facial oil is known to give a slightly deeper treatment than a moisturiser as it is easily absorbed into the skin. With this being said, it’s important to ensure that your oil is all-natural and free from chemicals that can be harmful when absorbed into the body. Indulging your skin with anti-ageing facial oil may seem like a luxury but is actual necessary when wanting to maintain that youthful appearance, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles that may have become a little more prominent over time. Lumity’s anti-ageing ingredients inside their facial oil work to add elasticity back into the skin so that it becomes firmer and therefore appears more radiant- essential for a male whose busy lifestyle leaves him struggling with dull, tired skin. Ingredients to look out for in your anti-ageing facial oil include vitamin E and Yuzu.

Anti Ageing Supplements

Taking supplements as part of your anti-ageing skincare routine is a fantastic way of getting the most out the anti-ageing process. It’s true that the condition of our bodies on the inside, will show on the outside and with the stresses of day to day life taking its toll on both our bodies and facial appearances, it’s important that we look after ourselves. Lumity’s supplements contain the best anti-ageing ingredients that will stall the ageing process for both males and females, leaving behind a fresh and radiant complexion. Totally natural, the supplements are designed to be taken in the morning and in the evening so can fit easily into your anti-ageing skincare routine, allowing you to get the absolute best out of all the products you are using. As well as reduced fine lines and wrinkles, the supplements also encourage healthy skin, hair and nails, strong muscles and joints as well as supporting your metabolism. Importantly, Lumity’s supplements also protect your body on a cellular level, against oxidative stress, which, no matter whether you’re male or female, is vital to protecting your cells. Lastly, the supplements created by Lumity also contain Zinc, which helps particularly towards a male’s energy levels. Anti-ageing skincare supplements are super easy to take and will make a huge difference to an appearance that has suffered from accelerated ageing.

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